Tamilnadu assures Certified Veggies to Kerala

After the issue from Kerala, Tamilnadu government has under gone the necessary steps. It made random test in veggies. The officials went to many districts without notice and collected vegetables for testing.

Now the Tamilnadu government makes many alterations in Ootanchathiram market, Dindigul which is the 2nd largest market in Tamilnadu. Maximum amount vegetables are sent to Kerala from this market.

Farmers bringing vegetables with be noted. Name, address, phone number and quantity of vegetables rendered by them will be noted. If the vegetables contain more toxic substances the farmers will be advised to do the natural method and they will be helped.

Each and every farmers input will be tested and they will be certified. This certified farmers vegetables only will be sent to Kerala.
Kerala also demanded other states to provide certified vegetables.

Natural farming

Tamilnadu government and Tamilnadu Agricultural University has taken many steps to create awareness among the farmers about natural farming. But still they should increase the awareness and encourage them to do natural farming.

Most of the food which is in market today is full of poison hiding in it. This food that we take daily is a main cause for diabetes, blood pleasure, heart disease and it goes on. We have to be cautious in our food which is the main source of our life.

Most Farming is done based on the modern agricultural practices which uses Urea, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But our traditional method does not follow the method which harms the people. It is always safe to the people and also safer to our soil which increases the yields gradually and vastly too.

Some farmers follow this traditional practices and gets huge benefits. Most of them were not aware of it.

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Tamilnadu assures Certified Veggies to Kerala

Terrorist attacks Gursadpur in Punjab; Terrorist attacks on India

On Monday 27th July 2015, terrorist attacked Gursadpur police station where 5 police men severely injured.

The officials say that terrorist came by Maruti 800 from Dinanagar bypass. They fired on the bus where few people injured at 5.00 am.

Then they targeted health care center nearby the police station and the building where police personal residue. After that they entered police station and fired. Five police men are severely injured in that attack.

This incident took place close to the Indo-Pakistan border and 80 km away from Amritsar.

Terrorist Killed 9 persons in this attack including the Police commissioner. After the long gun battle 3 terrorist shot death.

The Bus driver cleverness saved many lives on the bus. He did not stop the bus when he saw 3 terrorists with guns and face covered standing on the road. It only injured 4 people in the bus. He stopped the bus at the Gursadpur Hospital for the treatment of the injured passengers.

In this terrorist attack seven were death 4 policemen including Superintendent of Police and 3 civilians.

This incident brought India to act on strengthening the securities in the border. Many question were arised from this incident. Why and what is the purpose to the attack? Is terrorists planned for the bigger one? Which organization is responsible for the attack? Does it have any connection in Yakub Memon hanging? Investigation is going on and hopes we get the answer soon.

Terrorist attacks on India

For past 3 decades the terrors attacked many places in India. In 1987 and in 1991 Punjab faced the terrorist killings that killed 30 in former and 90 in the later, many people were severely injured.

In 1993, Mumbai bombings killed 259 and more than 700 people injured.

In 1998 Coimbatore bombings killed at least 60 and injured more than 200 people.

In 2002, Bihar train disaster killed 130 and 300 injured.

In 2005 Delhi bombing, 3 serial blasts killed 70 people and injured more than 250.

In 2006 Mumbai bombing, 7 train blasts killed more than 200 people and 500 injured.

In 2007 Samjhauta train bombing, killed 68 people and many injured.

In 2008 Delhi bombing, killed 33 in 5 bomb blasts and 130 injured.

In 2008 Jaipur bombing, 9 bomb blasts killed 63 and more than 200 injured.

In 2008 Mumbai attacks killed 171 and injured 239.

In 2008 Assam attacks killed 80 and 300 injured.

Terrorist attacks Gursadpur in Punjab; Terrorist attacks on India

Coimbatore Develops Strong Force against Illegal Transport of Cattle

Thousands of students from Coimbatore joined together with Coimbatore Cattle Care Welfare Trust (CCCWT). This organization had seized thousands of cattle which were transported illegally dumping many animals in one truck.

Due to this action many cattle traders and brochures rolled down the shutters in order to show their opposition. In spite of this the college students were speedy in action.

On Sunday, they are organizing the event at Hindustan College of Arts and Science where actor Vishal is to take part in this. The animal right activists are also expected to take part in this event.

The student who is also the event organizer said that “Students from various institutes are called to take part in that event to show their objection to the cruelty against animals. Students are expected to be more than 6000 in and around Coimbatore and more than 3000 students from other district.”

On that event the students will be educated how to act upon the cruelty against animals caused during transportation.

During transportation of animals many traders load as much as possible nearly 30 to 40 cows which are very illegal. The animals were being ill-treated; it is also a living being that has sense and pain. We hope this event make a changes in the transportation of animals.

The volunteers says we are not against the animal owners who sells the aged or ill ones to the butchers or traders or who consuming it. The protest is against the cruelty happening for them while transportation.

In spite of this words given by the protesters many butchers and cow traders announced to stage against the animal protection activists near the event undergoing college. The Tamilnadu Cow Traders Association given the petition to the district administration for relaxing the norms for transportation.

Coimbatore Develops Strong Force against Illegal Transport of Cattle

Farmer Achieved in Natural farming

Farmer in Tamilnadu says his aim is to achieve 18 tons of grapes in one harvest within five years that is happening in Gujarat.

We are eating the food, vegetables, fruits for energy, vitamins, minerals etc. Did you ever think whether it is safe for us to eat without any poison in it? No, most of us are not thinking about that.

Most of the food which is in market today is full of poison hiding in it. This food that we take daily is a main cause for diabetes, blood pleasure, heart disease and it goes on. We have to be cautious in our food which is the main source of our life.

Most Farming is done based on the modern agricultural practices which uses Urea, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But our traditional method does not follow the method which harms the people. It is always safe to the people and also safer to our soil which increases the yields gradually and vastly too.

Some farmers follow this traditional practices and gets huge benefits. Some were not aware of it. Our Government should encourage the traditional method of farming through out the Nation.

Here we have the farmers who have made achievements in natural farming. Our farmer, Janaki Raman achieved in Grape farming following natural method without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

He belongs to Madurai and he does farming in Sirumalai in Dindugal district. In one harvest he yields 5 tons of Grapes from about 3 acres. He does 3 harvests in one year. He sells at Rs.50 per kg.

He speaks to the media that in chemical farming we can get 7 tons of grapes but can sell only for Rs.20 per kg.  In spite many said there will be heavy insects and worm attack in grape farming so that farmers prefer to chemical farming. But he does not believe in this, he had more confident in our traditional farming, he followed and achieved.

Farmer Achieved in Natural farming

Andhra develops its Capital Amaravati: Singapore companies submits master plans

Singapore companies Ascendas-Singbridge and Sembcorp development given the master plan to construct the capital to the Andhra Pradesh government. Based on the master plan the blueprint was designed by Surbana Jurong of Singapore. The blueprint phase-I was covering 7,235 sq km and phase-II was covering 125 sq km.

Amaravathi first look poster was released in the twitter page of capital Amaravathi.

The final phase-III plan was submitted by S.Iswaran the Singapore’s second minister of Trade and Industry on 20th July 2015.

CM Naidu thanked the Singapore government for the full support. Now the government will choose the master plan and select the master developers.
The involvement of the Singapore companies will make business opportunities in the local firms and also it leads to develop investment opportunities said S.Iswaran in an interview.

The heart of the town will be the Krishna River. On the south bank of this river the development will be started.  Amaravathi will be developed as a smart, green, and sustainable city. It is going to be a people’s capital and its aim to create vibrant modern city which is going to a pride for the people in Andhra said Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

The seed capital Area would have all the facilities residential area, water bodies, parks, government buildings, administration building, recreational spaces etc. The residence is about 3 lakhs and expected to generate 7 lakhs jobs says the CM source.

The government has already done the Bhoomi pooja. Chief Minister invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the foundation ceremony on Oct 22 and said Prime Ministers of Singapore and Japan will also be invited.

In this master plan the six key factors are taken into account. They are providing jobs and homes, world-class infrastructure, quality living, protecting identity and heritage and, resource management and environment.

Latest News: Andhra Pradesh News says that CRDA is working with 3D model of the capital Amaravathi.

Andhra develops its Capital Amaravati: Singapore companies submits master plans

Andhra Pradesh Heat Wave Killed Thousands of People

In spite of warning given by the scientist, Andhra Pradesh government was lethargic and doesn’t take any steps to face the summer and hot weather.

Due to the heavy hot temperature in the last summer as nearly 46 degree centigrade in Andhra Pradesh it seemed like a hot stove. The people cannot come out of the house due to hot storm and weather.

The poor people were mostly affected by this situation those who can’t stay in the shadows of trees. They should work for the whole day to run their families. Most affected districts are Krishna, Guntur, Ongole, Masulipatinam and Nellore.

Even the things inside the house was so hot. Due to this many people lost their lives, it is suspected to be more than 8000 people.

Were these people sick? No, they did not have any disease another than less tolerance of the hot temperature.

What is the reason of these high death rates?

It is due to the carelessness of the government. If they have taken needed steps and to make the precautions arrangements this would not happened.

Experts say that this is only a starting one that was happened, it may increase more and more in upcoming years. This is the result of global warming and cutting down the trees and polluted air. This may also spread to the all other places in South India and finally we will be in the deserted area. If we deal this lethargically our generations will suffer.

Steps to be taken to avoid this misery in future

Immediate steps to be taken by the government
  • In every village that is facing the hot climate should undergo Tree Plantation which will make the climate to cool down slowly in future.
  • Many Lakes should be created to store the rainwater and to raise the underground water level.
  • Make people aware of the global warming and to draw their attention in above activities.
  • Control of Vehicles which is emitting more smoke.
  • Factories to be closed which is not following the norms and regulation in the gas and smoke emitting factor.
  • Cutting down the trees in forest legal or illegal should be stopped.
What we have to do?
  • Each and every of us should be responsible to slow down the global warming.
  • We should make rain water harvesting system in their house. We should save every drop of rain water.
  • We should plant the trees in and around our house and where ever possible.
  • Usage of Air conditioner should be reduced because the gas released by A/C is one of the main causes of global warming.
  • Don’t cut the trees, if  you need to cut the tree plant the other one.

Andhra Pradesh Heat Wave Killed Thousands of People

15000 MW of Solar Projects in India this year 2015

India plans for developing solar energy 1,00,000 MW within the year 2022. To achieve this target India has to spent $200 Billion.

This year the Government plans to supply of 15000 MW by contracts. As per the Solar Energy Corporation in India the developers will be called shortly for bid of buying 2,000 MW.

This project benefits the country which is lying on the other countries for power generation resources. Now total energy needed for India for a year is increasing year by year due to the vast industrial developments.

India has the capacity of more than 2,50,000 MW of renewable energy of which 35,777 MW is in progress.

Solar Power in Tamilnadu

In Tamilnadu, Chief Minister Jayalalitha has signed with Adani Group for the solar project of 648 MW. The state agreed to buy the power at rupees 7.01 per unit which was very high. The same Adani group in Madhya Pradesh did the open bid of 6.04 per unit to produce 300 MW of energy. Madhya Pradesh Government rejected its bid because the other companies doing it lower. The Mauritius company bid is very lower selling power for rupees 5.05 per unit for 25 years.

It is said the price fixed by Tamilnadu state is so high. State government electricity regulatory commission (TNERC) says in Madhya Pradesh they might be given their land and land cost may not be included. This seems to be rubbish because including that cost too may not go as high as 7.01 per unit.

The opposition party is blaming this project as Tamilnadu as the loser to Adani in spite of having much cheaper sources for the power project. Experts too say that Tamilnadu is the loser in the Adani deal.

Even in Gujarat who leads in the solar energy among the states, the tariff is now less than rupees 7 per unit. Adani is about to start its project in Ramanathapuram district.

15000 MW of Solar Projects in India this year 2015

China again builds World Highest Dam

World Highest dam was constructed across the river Yolang River in China. The construction completed in 2014 which was started in 2005. It is known as Jinping-I Hydro power station. The dam was 305m in height and 568m long arch dam.

Now China started expanding Hydro power project. It begun to construct another tallest dam of 314m tall Shuangjiankou dam across the river Yangtze. The officials say this project will be completed by 2022. The cost budget is 5.8 billion USD which is above than the previous one.

China says by 2030 the country will obtain 20% of its power from non fossil resources. This will reduce emission of its carbon which is responsible for the climate change.

China has constructed many largest and tallest dam. It is said to be the home of the largest dam. In back of its building tallest dam common people are suffering a lot. They made them to shift their places with lower compensation.  The actual cost of the construction is not known. The Social and environmentalist says many aquatic lives are decreased by these dams.

The other dams in China

•    Xiaowan Dam of 292m completed in 2010.
•    Xiluodu Dam of 285.5m  completed in 2013
•    Nuozhadu Dam of 261m completed in 2012
•    Laxiwa Dam of 250m completed in 2009
•    Ertan Dam of 240m completed in 1999
And many more dams.

The natural dam is still highest than the man-made one for instance Usoi Dam is a natural landslide dam which height is about 500 to 700 meters. It is along the River Murghabin Tajikistan.

Other Tallest dams in the world

•    Nurek Dam in Tajikistan height – 300 m (980 ft) build across the Vakhsh River. Construction started in 1961 and completed in 1980.
•    Grande Dixence Dam in Switzerland – 285m completed in the year 1964.
•    Inguri Dam in Georgia – 271.5m completed in the year 1987.
•    Vajont Dam  in Italy – 261.6m completed in 1959.
•    Manuel Moreno Torres Dam, Mexico – 261 m constructed between 1974 to 1980.
•    Tehri Dam, India – 260.5 m across Bhagirathi River, Uttarakhand completed in 2006.

China again builds World Highest Dam

Judges Banned for Two Groups in IPL

Due to the IPL match fixing which is turned now to spot fixing of the team Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings Teams were banned for two years.

The owner of the Rajasthan Royals and the actress Shilpa Shetty’s spouse Raj Kundra and Chennai Super Kings Owner and the son-in-law of ICC chief N Srinivasan Gurunath Meiyappan were suspended from cricket in their life time.

Gurunath Meiyappan got the least punishment of 1 month jail and Rs.200 fine for betting the game. It is a least one for the cause of first time. On Meiyappan there is also charge for cheating in a game and the punishment for this go for up to five years.

The charge sheet was filed against other 21 persons includes Bollywood actor and Pakistan umpire.

Raj Kundra who is a citizen of Britain and a business man also banned for participating in all the cricket oriented activities in India by RM Lodha, the former Chief Justice of India.

Delhi Police says there is no solid evidence to arrest him and says he had bet through his business partner.

“Today is a very depressing and sad day for me as my integrity has been questioned and my support in this investigation seems to have backfired. While I have great respect for the Supreme Court and the judicial system, unfortunately, in this case, I cannot but feel that I have been wronged.” Kundra said in his statement to the popular media.

The Delhi Police traced some of the call numbers and found one of the call is from Pakistan. One of the voices was identified as Dawood Ibrahim.

It is expected to adopt two other new teams instead of CSK and RR. Some former cricket players can be selected to run the new teams who are considered to be prominent.

Judges Banned for Two Groups in IPL

Young girl saved her life from air crash

The 16 years old girl who traveled with her grandparent met an air crash into the mountains. She tried saving her grandparent from the fire in no use.

The girl with her grandparent traveled from Montana to Washington states in the air planed crashed On North Cascade Mountains. Plane got fire and she tried to save her grandparent by pulling them out. She said “I was trying to pull them out and I just couldn’t do it. There was too much fire and I’m a small person.” in the interview with CNN.

After that she tried to save herself. She remembered the TV Shows where they give Survival tips and she followed that. Her message in CNN is “Going downhill and finding bodies of water always leads to civilization.”

She found the little bit of water going down the hill and she followed it for hours together. She traveled for 2 days more than 150 miles and finally she found the highway. She got help from the men who passed by car and admitted in the hospital for treatment.

The cause of the accident is said that there is no clear vision, there was heavy smoke and their GPS did not work.

In the same way on January 2015, a ‘Little Brave Girl’ who came out from the flight crash which killed 4 persons including her parents. The little girl who is 7 years old injured severely in the crash. She came to the nearby house and informed about the air crash and got the help.

Kentucky State Police said that it was a miracle in a sense that she survived and tragic for four other people didn’t.

Young girl saved her life from air crash

Young girl saved her life from air crash
Pictured are Leland Bowman, 62, and his wife, Sharon Bowman, 63, of Marion, Montana, with the plane that is missing. © Washington Department of Transportation
Young girl saved her life from air crash
Autum Veatch in her hospital room Monday night with dad. © Sara Esperance

New Horizon Photos on Pluto Surprises the Scientist of NASA

New Horizon spacecraft sent by NASA had taken the first color image of Pluto and its largest moon Charon on April 9th 2015. The image was taken from the distance of about 115 million Kilometers.

New Horizon has taken nine and half years that traveled more than 3 billion miles to reach the Pluto system.

The new fascinating photos of the new world Pluto was taken by New Horizon spacecraft on July 11th 2015. It was taken from one million miles apart.

New close up images makes the scientist to surprise about the young ice mountains which ranges the high 11,000 feet.

Jeff Moore is a team leader of GGI (Geology, Geophysics, and Imaging) in NASA says “This is one of the youngest surfaces we’ve ever seen in the solar system”.

Scientist says that Methane and Nitrogen ice covers is largely seen in Pluto. This ice covers is not much strong to create the mountains. Some other materials like water ice should make the mountains which could be stronger in Pluto’s climate.

Another surprise for the scientist is what makes the Pluto heated. They say like some of the icy moons in giant planets, Pluto cannot be heated by gravitational interactions.  Some other process should be there.

Pluto’s largest moon Charon photo is also surprising the scientist. Its stretches about 600 miles and there is a lack of crates.

More surprises can be revealed for the scientist in the upcoming days by the research of New Horizon.

Initially Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. He is no more to see Pluto through New Horizon, but his ash was taken by the New Horizon to the planet that he had found. The first seen region named after him is a great honor given to Clyde Tombaugh says his son Alden.

New Horizon Photos on Pluto Surprises the Scientist of NASA

International Yoga Day Celebrated on June 21st 2015

United Nations General Assembly has declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga.  The First World Yoga day was celebrated in June 21st 2015 throughout the world.

In India, under the head of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 35985 people gathered together and did 21 yogasanas at Rajpath in New Delhi. About 84 Nationalities have participated in this event.  It has made two Guinness record one is more people participated in one Yoga class and the second one is more nationalities participated.

There have arisen many controversies for celebrating this event. The government said it is not compulsory to chant shlokas and also “Surya Namaskar” was removed from the event. Government appealed Muslims to take part.

The World Yoga Day was initiated by our Prime Minister. Prime Minister said June 21st will be significant for the many parts of the world due to the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Yoga is necessary for everyone. It makes as healthy, keeps our mind relaxed, free of stress. It also makes us to be active and sharp throughout the day. Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years in India. It is our ancient culture and a valuable gift.

Yoga brings peacefulness to our mind and unites our mind, body and soul in one state. It makes us a perfect human and to realize who we are. It connects the people to the nature.

The Main aim of the International Yoga day is to make people healthy, free from diseases and to establish a peaceful life. The amazing benefits of Yoga cannot be described in the words but can be obtained when it is practiced regularly.

History of Yoga

It is said be practiced for about 5000 years or even before. The yoga was developed in northern part of India. Many Vedic scripts tell about the yoga. In Bhagavad Gita Yoga is insisted in many places and it tells about many types of yoga Karma yoga (Yoga of action), Bhakthi Yoga (Yoga of devotion), Gnana Yoga (Yoga of Knowledge).

The yogi Patanjali gave Yoga Sutras. Patanjali’s Yoga sutra was regarded as the beginning of formal yoga philosophy.

The modern yoga became famous by the swami Vivekananda who gave the amazing speech in the western world about the art of Yoga. It has taken yoga to the western culture. From 1980’s most of the western world followed yoga and become more popular throughout the world.

International Yoga Day Celebrated on June 21st 2015

Instant Noodle – The Worst effects on Humans

India stands in 4th place in the consumption of instant noodles of about 5.5 billion servings per year. Recently Maggi was banned due to the presence of many dangerous elements.

On 4th June 2015, Tamilnadu was the first state to ban many instance noodles including Maggi.

What makes the noodles worst?

The report says in Maggi is found to be high in Lead. The food that we consume which is high in lead leads to anemia, kidney failure, neurological problems, affects central nervous system, lack of concentration, depression, abdominal pain.

Than in adult it affects the children vastly.  Lead will be absorbed faster in children that in adult and will make quick effects on them. It largely affects their growth and mental attitude.

Apart from the lead, in noodles we have lot of saturated and Trans fat which is not good for our health. Only mono and poly unsaturated fat is necessary for the health. This bad fat leads to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure.

More over instant noodles are added with Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) preservative which is a petroleum based product. It is added for the taste or preservatives which will cause severe health problems when consuming regularly.

Many additives, chemical preservatives, artificial coloring agents, flavoring agents are added which causes serious issues.

Maida, the white flour – Most instant noodles are made up of maida which is refined flour. This maida is highly processed by bleaching the wheat with chemical agents. Here also the poisonous chemicals are used. More intake of the maida related food leads to obesity, heart issues, cholesterol, diabetes, indigestion, gastrointestinal problems etc.

Many instant noodles are found in the market still. The people should be aware of their food they are eating. The people should analyze and choose the food which is healthy.

Instant Noodle – The Worst effects on Humans

Kerala government founds toxic vegetables from Tamilnadu

Kerala food safety department wrote letter to Tamilnadu Agriculture and food safety department about the pesticides is 4 to 5 times higher than that of the recommended value.

This was found during the Kerala officer collected the vegetables during their visit to Tamilnadu. They said there are more pesticide used by the farmers of Tamilnadu than the permissible unit and using the pesticides which are band in Kerala.

Tamilnadu Food safety department said “Name of the vegetables and the pesticides used and other particulars are not mentioned by them”. This leads Tamilnadu Agriculture department to collect the samples from 15 districts for testing at Tamilnadu Agricultural department.

Tamilnadu government has order the farmers to keep control of the pesticides use. It ordered the officials for the surprise check to the farm land and ceases the vegetables that have more pesticides and using banned pesticides.

The districts Nagercoil, Madurai, Kodaikanal, Ottanchathiram, Dindigul, Nilgiris and Mettupalayam will have the surprise checking of the officials.

Kerala’s evidence

Kerala government has the evidence of using toxic products in the vegetables. The team have gathered the vegetables from Tamilnadu and tells the pesticides used by the farmers are highly toxic and above the limited range.

Government support needed for Tamilnadu Farmers in organic farming

There are farmers in Tamilnadu growing the vegetables and fruits naturally and yields high without using any pesticides, Insecticides and chemical fertilizers. This awareness is not created widely so many farmers tend to use pesticides in large extent without knowing the causes.

This needs a change. Tamilnadu government should strictly prohibit all the pesticides and chemical fertilizer. It should encourage the people to do natural farming and support them to yield more. Government should create awareness among the farmers about the harm caused by using the pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers.

Harm of using pesticides

Using the pesticides not only harms the people in Kerala, it harms the people everywhere. Farmers should be aware of the cause using the pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers.

Many countries have strictly banned the use of dangerous pesticides; still India has the usage of these pesticides.

The following link will shows the list of 67 banned pesticides in some countries and still used in India.


Pesticide causes severe harm to the living beings including humans.
•    It causes many types of cancer in humans.
•    It causes hypo chronic disorder.
•    It damages the skin and eyes irritation, nerve problem, headache etc.
•    It damages the reproductive systems and leads to infertile.
•    It affects the brain and nervous system of the children easily.
•    Leads to miscarriage.
•    Some pesticides in food lead to overweight.
•    It causes environmental pollution and soil infertility.

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Kerala government founds toxic vegetables from Tamilnadu

Soma mine disaster in Turkey

Soma coal mine in Turkey had a vast disaster on 13th May 2014 which killed 311 people who is working there. It is truly a worst in Turkey history.

Hundreds of people gathered to find their missing relatives in the disaster. Many were rescued from the mine after the incident with major injuries.

The family and relatives hugs and kisses their beloved one after finding rescued from the disaster. Many had lost their life in the deadly disaster which was considered as a very worst one in Turkey’s history.

The sources say that it is because of reduction of cost and compromised safety measures. There was a huge explosion 2 miles under the ground that causes fire and killed more than 300 people and 80 injured. They died of carbon mono oxide poisoning.

Safety equipments are very poor, ventilation is not proper, transformers is brought locally which is one of the main cause for the disaster.

Many protest burst out after the math. Hundreds of protester throwing stones on the police and some were protest against the mine company.

The people arose when they heard the Prime Minister of Turkey Saying “Mine accidents are most common”. Hundreds of people surrounded and chased the car. The report says that Prime Minister pushed a man and his assistant kicked that man lying down.

The Turkish government announced 3 days national mourning for Soma mine victims.

Soma mine disaster in Turkey