LKG Kid Drowned And Died In Septic Tank Of Chennai Private School

The police officials of the Porur station officially reported to the press that a 3 years old kid had been died by drowning in a private school’s septic tank on Friday Morning of March 2, 2018.

Maasi Matriculation School is a private governed school at Ayyappanthangal next to Porur of Chennai. Keerthiswaran, 3 years old kid from Porur residential area studying LKG in that private school. The private school reported the police about the boy’s death after lunch time. They said that the kid who went to the restroom alone around 11 AM had not returned back to the class for more than 30 minutes. The teacher who sent the kid to the restroom started to search him when she noticed the kid had not returned from the restroom even after 30 minutes.

Later the teacher found Keerthiswaran floating in the septic tank and lifted him up off the tank with the help of some teachers. Immediately after finding the kid, the school staffs urged the kid to Ramachandra Hospital at Porur but there the doctors declared that the kid has been dead an hour before, the school reported the police.

The police have filed a complaint about the school and started their investigation into the death. The parents and some social activists are accusing the school of the kid’s death, that the school’s management had left the septic tank open, unfortunately, the kid slipped down into the tank then drowned and died. This crisis happened because of the lethargic and irresponsible manner of safety measures which have to be considered by the management of the school on daily basis.

In January 2018, a 15-years old boy died in a school, near Perambur. The boy collapsed down and died in the assembly ground when he was ordered to do ‘Duck Walk’ by the Physical Education Trainer as a punishment for his failed attendance to the class on the next working day after Pongal festival.

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LKG Kid Drowned And Died In Septic Tank Of Chennai Private School