Sunny and Weber is now parenting for twin boys

Sunny and Weber now parenting twin boys from surrogacy.

The star who grasped Bollywood film industry with extreme fan base across the country now became a mother of twin boy kids with help of surrogacy. Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel weber had adopted twin boy kids who born from surrogacy method.

Last year Weber and Sunny had adopted a 21-months old baby girl from Maharastra. They name her Nisha Kaur Weber and started their life of parenting. Now they again announced on twitter about their twin boys Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh weber.

Sunny has tweeted that the Asher and Noah are their twin boys who were born a few weeks ago. She cleared that Sunny and Weber chose surrogacy method for adding another two kids to their family. She said that now Weber and Sunny are proud parents of three beautiful children.

Daniel Weber had shared the pic of his family with new twin kids and said that it is a new chapter of life for him with Karen(Sunny), Nisha, Noah, and Asher. Seems the whole family overloaded with cuteness.

Surrogacy is a method of an agreement that a woman agreed to carry an Infant for another mother who can’t able to hold an infant in her ovum medically. The medically infertile mother can have the infant after their birth as per the agreement signed before.

Sunny also tweeted that she and Weber had planned for surrogacy method a few years back but the twin kids were something like God’s plan to afflict them with a large family that the moment was so special for her and Weber.

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Sunny and Weber now parenting twin boys from surrogacy