Atrocities of fake cop Ashok Pandiyan in Chennai

Atrocities of fake cop Ashok Pandiyan in Chennai.

Chennai city police department had arrested a fake cop who acted as a Sub-Inspector and bagged more than enough bribe in two months. Ashoke a 28 years old young man hailed from Coimbatore to Chennai a year back. He started to act as a cop to the public for grabbing bribes from them and bagged almost 60,000 in two months.

Ashok had given further details of his police project during further interrogation. He said that he began the project before two months when he wore the cop uniform for the first time. He got wondered about the respect and money he got from the public, hence he decided to wear the dress permanently.

He rented the Sub-Inspector uniform with stars with name batch Ashok Pandiyan, he made a cop haircut, he bought a Rs.30,000 worth bike for Rs.6,000 from a shop and stickered it with the word POLICE on the head light shield than he took residence in a mansion at Triplicane without paying the rent instead of money he used his police uniform to scare them away from asking him the rent.

He uses to get bribes from the small shops and from the couples in Beach. After witnessing huge sum of money as a bribe, he started to use the uniform to earn money in an illegal way.

The police report said Askok Pandiyan got trapped by the police department when two CRPF officers, fortunately, had an interaction with him in the mansion where he used to reside. The CRPF officials questioned him about his station and batch details and he answered them all, but the black sheep got trapped when the two officials questioned him about other officials in his workplace. Later Ashok was arrested by the original cops following the two officials informed the city police department about Ashok.

Reports from the officials state that Ashok watched every Tamil cop movies to get a real-time cop experience. The reason behind his hailing to Chennai is to become a cop.

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Atrocities of fake cop Ashok Pandiyan in Chennai.