Rajendhra Bhalaji Proves Milk Powder Adulterated By Two MNCs

Rajendhra Bhalaji Proves Milk Powder Adulterated By Two MNCs Tamil Nadu Dairy Development Minister KT Rajendhra Bhalaji on Tuesday said milk powder supplied by Reliance and Nestle contains chemicals like Bleaching powder and caustic soda that causes several diseases including cancer. He added this adulterated products could cause problems like ulcers, diabetes and problems in hearts, liver and kidneys. He told to press that he will consult the Chief Minister and Health Minister to ban the products. Earlier the samples were tested in Aavin laboratory in the state. Later the minister sent it to the Pune lab which refused to test and it was tested indirectly in Central government certified lab at Chennai. The test reports about Nestle and Reliance milk powder were released by him. He also added Aavin milk powder, milk and curd are pure and tested in central government certified lab via private media. He said he is publishing it because people has to get awareness. It is better to avoid milk products for the safety says the people. Most of the products today are being adulterated and we couldn’t find which one is safe. Today packed products including rice, milk, oil, sugar and others give fear

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