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Avoid using Tooth Paste and Brush

Avoid using Tooth Paste and Brush

Avoid using Tooth Paste and Brush

The chemical rich tooth paste and brush are always danger to our health and teeth. Using these things regularly damages our healthier teeth sooner. Teeth care is must to lead healthy life. Dental care on daily basis is necessary as it is directly connected to health.

Teeth whitening make our face look brighter and fresh breath leads to fruitful day. To maintain our teeth it is not necessary to brush our teeth with chemical tooth paste. Brushing our teeth twice is important but not with this chemicals. Instead it will slowly break drown our enamel of our teeth. Tooth Enamel is the hard substance that protects our teeth. It is a hardest substance in our body that contains high minerals.

Our primary concern is to maintain the enamel of the teeth life-long. If we brush our teeth hardly and chemicals using in tooth paste affects enamel slowly and leads to high sensitivity in that part. No need to worry if we follow our traditional practices. We have lots of the traditional methods to maintain our dental.

Aerial roots of Banyan tree, Neem stick are key brushes that our ancestors used. Banyan tree roots have the tendency to whiten our teeth along making our teeth and gums stronger.

Neem tree stick will destroy germs in our teeth and gives us freshness. Babul tree has whitening properties in it. Holi Basil (Tulsi leaves) has good whitening agent and also properties for healthier teeth. It can be dried in sun, powdered and can be used for brushing. Vitamin C rich fruit peel can be used to brush the teeth to get it white and strong. Meanwhile pudhina leaves (mint) can be dried and used for brushing to get freshness. There are several methods to follow in organic way.

Avoiding sugary foods, tea, coffee, cool drinks in our diet will avoid damage of teeth. Inhale of tobacco, beetal leaves with calcium carbonate and smoking will severely damage our teeth.

Mouth is directly connected with stomach and spleen. Anything wrong in stomach or spleen reflects in our mouth and lips. If our teeth or mouth is affected it also have direct impact in our stomach. So maintenance of our teeth in herbal or traditional way is highly significant to maintain our health.

Avoid using Tooth Paste and Brush

Avoid using Tooth Paste and Brush