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Germany signed 18 deals with India including Solar Project

Germany signed 18 deals with India including Solar Project

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Bengaluru on Monday night and assured to invest Rs.14600 crores in India.

She took 3 days tour to India. She flew from New Delhi to Bengaluru on Monday night. She talked with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 3 hours and various agreements were signed between them.

Prime Minister Modi and German's Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the business forum organized by IT group NASSCOM and Frauenhofer institute. They have addressed the event and made the ties in 18 deals promoting Modi's dream projects 'Make in India' and 'Digital India' campaign.

Two nations have made 18 deals on various businesses worth Rs. 14600 crores including Solar energy projects. They have signed agreement about the Indian and German languages teaching in their countries. In India, German will be taught in central schools and Germany will carry out teaching Indian languages.

Merkel said 'German engineering and India's IT expertise are fused here in Bengaluru'. She also said Germany is the most trading partner for India among European countries and it already has trade worth of Rs.1.16 lakh crore in 2014. She said more than 1600 German companies are active in India. She also invited Indian investor to Germany that is located in central Europe and has well infra structure, qualified labour, has excellent technology and major driver of innovation.

She added India has many advantages for German Business people to invest that includes huge market, high growth potential and capacity of innovation.

She also added about the Indian students studying in her country. 'More and more Indian students in Germany can actually study German engineering. Around 12,000 students have registered in the German institutions,' she said.

Modi addressed the meet and assured Germany to liberalize the regulatory and sanction the agreement quickly. He also invited Germany attention in Clean Ganga project, Smart city projects and recycling waste projects.

Merkel had handed over an auspicious 10th century monument goddess “Mahishasura Mardhini” that was taken away by them from Jammu-Kashmir to Prime Minister. Goddess 'Mahishasura Marshini' is the symbol of good defeating the evil.

Germany signed 18 deals with India including Solar Project

Germany signed 18 deals with India including Solar Project