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Highlights in Tamilnadu GIM 2015

Highlights in Tamilnadu GIM 2015

Key Points in Tamilnadu Global Investors Meet 2015

  • Tamilnadu attracted more than 1000 delegates overseas and 4000 delegates in India.

  • Tamilnadu fetched double the times of Target of about Rs. 2,42,160 crores. In which half of the percent is proposed to South Tamilnadu.

  • Of the total investment nearly 50% is in manufacture unit. Out of this nearly half of investment is racked by South Tamilnadu.

  • Tamilnadu which is in Top 10 position in automobile hub will turn into world’s largest car manufactures.

  • Solar power project and renewable energy projects owned Rs. 35,356 crores.

  • Ten Thousand Micro, Small and Medium scale enterprises also proposed investment of Rs. 16,533 crores.

  • HCL have expands their projects and proposed $1 billion to invest in South Districts Madurai and Thirunelveli.

  • Uber signed MoU with the Tamilnadu government to create 30,000 entrepreneurial opportunities for independent driver partners and foster technological innovations.

  • Tamilnadu government assured investors to make clearance to license the industries within 30 days of the application submit.

  • Top business heads of various International concerns in Tamilnadu shared their views and their developments in the state.

  • MoU agreement is also made for the Agricultural and food processing sector, hand loom and textiles and in developments of fisheries and aqua culture.

  • Enabling the infra-structure of the state and its Vision 2023 seminar sessions were held in the meet.

  • The Agreement signed between the investors and government is not merely the expression of interest, rather it is a time-bound implementation plan is in place.

  • In South Tamilnadu, Thoothukodi district alone grabs Rs. 67,920 crores from various companies. Nagapattinam fetches Rs. 24, 380 crores.

  • Various Cultural programs were conducted at the eve of the event day.

  • The 20 minutes laser show at the background of Adyar River attracted the audience in the event. Adyar River played perfect for the show and it shows the culture and achievements of the state.

Highlights in Tamilnadu GIM 2015

Highlights in Tamilnadu GIM 2015