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Indian PM Modi Visits Silicon Valley and meets Business Giants

Indian PM Modi Visits Silicon Valley and meets Business Giants

This is the first time of Indian Prime Minister to visit Silicon Valley in more than 30 years. He spreads �Digital India� Vision and gathers wide support.

America�s leading companies and software companies including Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, Qualcomm and Microsoft. The leaders of these companies were agreed to extend their help in Digital India.

Meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook

Prime Minister Modi had invited Apple to set up the manufacturing unit in India. Apple CEO Tim Cook had given his positive response for this. Modi mentioned huge opportunities in India to him and Cook replied India fits in long term plans. Cook said people will become part of the company when using the app development tools. He expressed his interest to be a part of Digital India.

Meet with Facebook

He attended question and answer section at Townhall event in Facebook HQ with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He spoke in Hindi and answered for number of questions like India�s development, women�s empowerment, social media and his family.

Meet with Google

Google had agreed to set up free information service at 500 railway stations in India. Google search engine from next month onwards has the option to type in additional 10 languages including Guajarathi. He also had a meeting with India born and Google�s CEO Sundar Pichai and viewed projects undergoing in the Google and had the brief discussion.

Meet with Microsoft

Microsoft will give low cost broadband technology to 5 lakh villages throughout India. Microsoft CEO Sathya Nadella said cloud computing service to data centre in India will be announced next week and said it will be a big milestone. He also said Microsoft will play a key role in the Make in India and Digital India and it will give India an international quality infrastructure.

Modi visits Tesla Motor Factory

Modi also visits Tesla Motor HQ and its CEO Elon Musk at Pao Alto. In his 2 day trip to Silicon Valley he visited Tesla�s innovations on renewable energy.

Qualcomm, a giant chip maker announced it will invest Rs. 1000 crores to start up in mobile and internet. It also planned to set up an innovation lab at Bangalore.

Speech at SAP center, San Jose

He had addressed the people more than 18,500 including Indians and Americans at SAP center in San Jose. In his speech at San Jose he UN has to clarify who is the terrorist and who stands in humanity. Terrorism and gobal warming is the major issues faced by the world today. He said 21st century belongs to India.

After his speech in San Jose he went to Washington and met US President Barack Obama. He also met David Cameron and Francois Hollan.

India�s PM Modi Visits Silicon Valley and meets Business Giants

Indian PM Modi Visits Silicon Valley and meets Business Giants