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PM Modi visits Facebook and addressed event with Mark Zuckerberg

PM Modi visits Facebook and addressed event with Mark Zuckerberg



On the second day of India's Prime Minister Modi's visit to Silicon Valley he addressed the Townhall event conducted at the Facebook HQ in Menlo Park near San Francisco, California.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and over 500 people gathered in the event. On the question and answer section many questions were raised to Modi and he answered for every question patiently in the 50 minutes duration event.

Mark said in the Facebook page 37000 comments were given to the PM Modi who asked people to send the questions. Also he asked some questions to Modi and he answered it.

He shared his views on social media that he has taken social media out of curiosity. We can get instant knowledge whatever happens in any part of the world. It has the strength of democracy. Social media helped him to gain knowledge and broadened it widely. He also says social media has the power to point out good and bad points on the government and it clears the government path if it had taken wrong one.

Next question came from Dr Rajana Kumari of Centre for Social Research about the role of women in India and the government plans.

Modi said India alone has so many female goddesses like Kali and Durga, every other society has male God. India cannot achieve the economic goals living behind 50% of population inside the house. Government is playing the proactive role and women’s role should be 100 percent. As the education section is considered women was majority and also dominates in health sector too. In police 30 percent reservation is given to women.

Modi answered the question raised from audience in the big country in India changes are constant and widespread. 180 million people created bank account in 100 days in this government. The changes to this wide country are difficult to start like the train and will be constant. He also says Low cost manufacturing, man power and raw material of India makes it as the paradise for the Investors.

Mark asked him the role of his mother which made Modi emotional while answering for it. PM Modi congratulated Mark’s parents first and said his family was humble and poor. His mother raised him by doing the works in the neighbor houses. She used to wash the dishes, fill water and does all the things what mother to children. There are millions of mothers who sacrifice entire life for their children and he salutes them. While he was speaking about his mother his eyes turns with tears and voice breaks down with emotion.

He said his father was no longer and his mother is more than 90 years old. She does all works by herself even now. She is uneducated and knows what happening in the world through television news.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Townhall Facebook HQ - Photos from Getty Images


PM Modi visits Facebook and addressed event with Mark Zuckerberg


PM Modi visits Facebook and addressed event with Mark Zuckerberg