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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tour to UAE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tour to UAE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a 2 days tour to United Arab Emirates on August 17th. This trip is considered important for India to create strong bond in relationship and in business between the Nations.

Mr. Modi was received by the UAE Crown Prince and 5 brothers. Prime Minister stays in Abu Dhabi. This trip is considered most important due to the wealth of UAE that has the power of investing in India that has the potential. Mr. Modi says there is a vast opportunity in India having 125 crores people as its great strength, more over infra structure in India and vast lands creates the opportunities for the UAE business investments.

UAE has the supreme wealth fund of about $800 billion and other two neighbors Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also have excess wealth fund of about $671 billion and $592 billion respectively.

Mr. Modi states to UAE that India has the potential for $1.3 trillion investment. He discussed about the investment with UAE officials. UAE assured to invest Rs. 4.5 lakh crores in India.

Mr. Modi gave an electrified speech in the cricket stadium at Dubai. The stadium crowded over 50000 people and many thousands of people crowded outside the stadium.

Modi’s Speech in Dubai

He started his speech by ‘Bharat Mathaki Jai’ slogan and he stated he is seeing mini India here. India is proud by the people who are staying here. There are 700 flights come to UAE every year. Kerala people are most among the Indians and wished them happy New Year.

Mr. Modi said India is proud of Crown Prince and Indian citizen in UAE must thank him for allocating land to build temple in UAE in spite of the worst terrorist situation prevails.  He also thanked UAE for supporting for the permanent place for India to take place in UNSC. Both countries agreed to support the anti terrorism.

He has stated there are two types of nations. One which believes terrorism and other believes in humanity. Those who involve in terrorism should be punished.

NRIs have responded by contributing when India faces crises due to its Nuclear Test when former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee calls. He thanked every Indian who had come from all places in UAE.

Prime Minister visit to UAE provides good relationship with that Nation. Hope it also creates a strong bond between the business, and in the security measures.

Prime Minister Modi in Masdar City

Masdar city in UAE is first city with Zero-Carbon. The city entirely constructed with renewable energy. It does not have any Carbon emitting materials that cause danger to the earth.

Mr. Modi is invited to the city and he travelled in the car which is organized with solar power and lithium battery without car driver.

All the vehicles in the city are made by the batteries and charged by solar power. Following this other two cities one in china Dongtan city and other in Malaysia Malacca city started their work to create zero-carbon cities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tour to UAE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tour to UAE