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Review of Global Investor Meet in Tamil Nadu by Expert

Review of Global Investor Meet in Tamil Nadu by Expert

AIADMK recently have collected the review of the economic expert and who has been worked as a principle advisor of Reserve Bank R Kannan about the Global Investor Meet (GIM 2015).

GIM has been conducted on 9th September, Business giants from all over the world have attended the meet and Tamil Nadu fetched Rs. 2,42,160 crores more than the targeted.

Regarding this how the economy changes in Tamil Nadu in upcoming years was asked to Kannan. Mr. Kannan explains about the benefits of GIM in future and it is given below.

This is very important time for Tamil Nadu; this large investment is unprecedented thing until now in Tamil Nadu. It is the hope for the future and it likely to turns as the basic foundation investment of Tamil Nadu. Moreover this investment is not at one city like Chennai, the investment is shared all over Tamil Nadu mainly in south districts like Madurai, Tuticorin and Thirunelveli. People who are migrating to the metro cities like Chennai from Southern regions have the opportunities to work in their native place.

Moreover these companies have plans to invest in the infra structure that makes the backward region to develop and it creates many opportunities for the people. The economic status and money mobilization will be developed in all the regions of Tamil Nadu.

The investors agreements in other states have achieved 20% to 70% of development. According to this in Tamil Nadu there is the chance for reaching at least 50% of total investment. One lakh 20 thousand crores will reach to Tamil Nadu. By this investment, new investor gets minimum 20,000 crores profit in which Tamil Nadu earns 6000 crores as direct tax. Apart from this infra structure is also handled by the companies, so there is also profit for the Tamil Nadu government. Likewise there are many benefits will happened in the future. Many say small and minor scale industry is not given any importance in the meet. This will be good for that industry because foreign or big companies investing in these divisions may affects the small and minor business people in our region.

Review of Global Investor Meet in Tamil Nadu by Expert