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Adverse Effects of Paracetamol on Humans

Adverse Effects of Paracetamol on Humans

Many recent studies suggest that intake of Paracetamol or pain killer should be avoided. It has the worst effects on humans if taken at regular basis.

Many doctors and medical experts had stopped recommending Paracetamol for their patients. Genuine medical experts suggest their patients to take up yoga and stretching exercise for the back pain and other pains if necessary. In case of headache due to stress of any other issue meditation is suggested.

The recent study about paracetamol shows this medication can affect the brain ability to detect an error. It has been proved in the recent research.

It also has adverse effect with blood pressure, liver, kidney, stomach ulcers, asthma, blood sugar, cardiac disease and others. Taking of pain killer is not a good choice in regular mode or without doctor's prescription. It will take to the liver or kidney damage when used regularly or by its' over dosage.

In many individuals there will be no symptoms of side effects in taking these pain killers. But has adverse effects in inner organs. Some may have symptoms like diarrhea, losing appetite, abdominal pain, nausea and others.

Three types of painkillers are available in the markets paracetamol, aspirin and brufen. All these are slow poison to humans when it is taken continuously.

Painkillers do not actually reduce the pain it only makes that part insensitive to that pain. It stress the organs normal activities. If we continue with minimum dose of it will lead us to take more. At last the minimum dose will not work on the pain naturally the next higher dose is recommended and gradually we will be addicted to that.

Try avoiding pain killers in normal life when we have head ache, back pain, knee pain and others. Try to cure that pain naturally by yoga and meditation. In a critical or unavoidable situation with the doctor's prescription it is supposed to have it. Paracetamol was first invented in 19th century and in middle of 20th century on 1955 it was first marketed.

Adverse Effects of Paracetamol on Humans

Adverse Effects of Paracetamol on Humans

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