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Basic Steps To Prevent Cancer

Basic Steps To Prevent Cancer

Now-a-days everybody in the world have the risk of getting cancer which is unusual with our ancestors. The exact cause of cancer to a person is unpredictable, but there are many factors that have high risk of causing cancer. That includes Alcohol, Tobacco, Radiation, Diet, Hormones, Chronic Inflammation, Chemicals and others.

Cancer is formed when there is long term wound in our inner organs and while bacteria called Helicobacter. These bacteria lead to cancer. World is trying to find the medicine to kill this bacteria. In the research they have find and astonished that Probiotics are responsible to kill this Helicobacter. Tamils took one crore Probiotics in their daily diet that saved all of them from this Helicobacter. It is in butter milk.

Experts say the people who do not do the four fundamental concepts will get struck with deadly diseases like cancer.

There are 4 fundamental steps to avoid this dangerous disease.

  1. We should do basic exercises or fast walking or breathing exercise or yoga that simulate our inner organs. The person Lymphatic system should work well for the well being. If it fails then there is a door opened for diseases to enter our body. When Lymphatic system pumps wells it cleans the dirty inside the skin. It functions properly when man laughs louder from his heart. Phantom for breathe is mandatory by doing breathing exercise or fast walking or anything basic exercise that activate the muscles.

  1. In take more Vegetables is another basic step to avoid diseases. We have to change our diet. Low carbohydrates food and high greens and vegetables are very important for healthy living.
  2. Fruits have all vitamins that our body needs. So consuming fruits daily is mandatory that keeps diseases in distance.
  3. Sun Light. D3 is one important vitamin that we can get directly from sun. It is not our enemy, we get energy from sun. Every living thing gets energy from sun. If sunlight does not get through our skin and body it causes various diseases. The tablet we are consuming is only D2 that is useless. We need D3 that can be obtained only from the sun.

Several multinational companies for the product business they are brain washing the people about the sunscreen lotion     and cream that is harmful to our skin. Sunlight is only source that cleans our body and mind.

Basic Steps To Prevent Cancer

Basic Steps To Prevent Cancer

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Purushothaman is basically a software developer, but he believes writing and expressing something about whats happening around the world to people and to their safety future is his passion.
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