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Big Killer Cervical Cancer in India

Big Killer Cervical Cancer in India

Cervical cancer in women is the majority killer in India. Nearly 62,416 women died of cervical cancer in 2015-16 informed by Union Health Minister J P Nadda at the Lok Sabha recently.

It is estimated of about 24% in all cases of cancer in women. India accounts 25% of death in cervical cancer worldwide. The centre had taken the efforts for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this cancer through the state government said Union Minister. Under National Health Mission National Program for prevention, Cancer control, diabetes and cardio vascular disease are implemented.

It is the cancer raised from the cervix due to abnormal growth of cells. It has the ability to spread to other parts of body. There will be no early symptoms of this type of cancer. Later vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding, moderate pain, during sexual intercourse may be symptoms of the cervical cancer. The risk of cancer is increased due to smoking, multiple pregnancies and oral contraceptives.

The centre has the plan of introducing the vaccine to immunize in order to prevent the disease among women. As per the source 1.3 lakh cervical cancer patients are recorded on 2012. On 2006 HPV Vaccine are approved by the FDA.

There are numerous types of cancer and mostly women are affected by Breast and Cervical cancer. Food and medicines we take today are main causes of the cancers today. Sex workers are most affected by cervical cancer. Preventing measurements should be taken widely in order to eradicated completely this type of disease.

Big Killer Cervical Cancer in India

Big Killer Cervical Cancer in India

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