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Broiler Chicken Has Dangerous Side Effects

Broiler Chicken Has Dangerous Side Effects

Don't eat broiler chicken that was artificially grown within short period. It has the dangerous side effects than any other foods that we take. Today all foods are grown with chemicals and pesticides that also trouble our health. Among those artificially grown, hormone injected chickens gives the dangerous side effects and finally kills us and our generations.

Chicken usually takes 200 days to grow completely. Our native (domestic) chicken grows naturally taking worms, insects and herbs. But broiler chickens have faster growth within 45 days. For the fresh meat and fast growth they inject hormones and chemicals which have direct impact to the consumers.

To gain fat and meat production, broiler chickens are given harmful chemicals to eat. Several harmful chemicals and hormones are injected into it that grows 3 times faster than normal chicken.

It does not get proper wings; bones are weaker and lack proper nutrition. Instead their bodies are contaminated with full chemicals.

If we consume those meet, our body will directly get those harmful chemicals and changes our hormones. There are lots of side effects like kidney, liver and breast cancers, stomach ulcer, lack of fertility in men, girls attains puberty at her early age, it causes impotency, calcium deficiency and many other issues.

Estrogen which is injected to the chickens is a female oriented hormone that makes the girls to attain puberty at the age of 10 to 12. Mainly the girls in city and towns are being affected by this problem.

More over broiler chickens have excess of bad cholesterol that ends in heart problems and high BP. These chickens cannot lay their eggs which have many deficiencies and even disease in their bodies. It also causes joint pains and bone weakness at the middle age.

We have to wake up immediately and should avoid eating for taste. Avoiding these chickens can protect us from various diseases and keep our generations safer.

Broiler Chicken Has Dangerous Side Effects

Broiler Chicken Has Dangerous Side Effects

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Purushothaman is basically a software developer, but he believes writing and expressing something about whats happening around the world to people and to their safety future is his passion.
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HUDCO Colony, Peelamedu,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
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