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Cell Phones and Risk of Cancer

Cell Phones and Risk of Cancer

Cell phones are increased widely across the world. It is being vastly used by the kids to adults today and it has become the part of our basic things. Today nobody can live without the cell phones especially business men and teenagers.

Many researches are going on over the cell phones and cancer risk throughout the world. Studies shows cell phone emits Radio Frequency (RF) waves, so many have anxiety about the risk of cell phones use. Peoples were more concerned about the cell phones whether the use of cell phones increases the brain tumor or tumor in any other parts or it increases the risk of cancer.

Our cell phones usage is increased day by day; according to the report mobile users are more than 5 billion across the world. People began to talk continuously for the long time and cell phone chat became casual. Introduction of new technologies models in cell phones and due to the new applications people are tempted to buy it.

How cell phone works

Cell phone works by emitting the RF waves in the form of electromagnetic radiation. These electromagnetic waves are of two types, one is ionizing and other is non-ionizing. X-rays, cosmic rays, UV rays, radon and gamma rays fall under ionizing type which has high frequency that has direct impact on our DNA and has the high risk of cancer. Non-ionizing or radiofrequency has low frequency that does not affect our DNA.

The cancer is caused when our DNA gets affected and this radio frequency does not directly damage the DNA inside our cells and risk of cancer is low when using cell phones.

How it affects the people

Radio frequency even though does not damage the chemical bond in the DNA it affects the tissues which is closer to the radio frequency. Cell phone is always near to head and hand or in pocket which is closely with our body parts. The tissues near the cell phone will absorb more radio frequency energy than the tissues far off.

Some studies show Radio frequency will heat the body as the microwave does, but is has minimum frequency only. So the tissues near the cell phone get heated and there is lose of more glucose level.

Some studies suggest that RF waves do not have much energy to directly affect the DNA or to heat the tissues of the body. Some studies says continuously using RF waves damages the tissues and possibility of tumor either cancer or non cancer tumor.

Studies are still going on in many institutes across the world, the large study is carried out by US National Toxicology and hope it could reveal the unknown answers.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of cell phone

RF waves may increase based on many factors, when cell phone is far away from the tower, it uses more energy to get good signal and minimum energy when it is near. It is also based on the traffic in the area; more traffic may increase the RF waves. When people are talking more time it will increase the RF energy rate.

The amount of radio frequency that was absorbed by the humans is known as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). These may differs based different circumstances as above. It also based on the model of the phone. Each cell phones has different SAR, the phone with lower listed SAR may have high radio frequency affect in humans that the phone with higher listed SAR. But the actual radio frequency absorption by humans may be affected by various factors.

The latest studies in ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) say there is no scientific evidence of cell phones causes tumor or cancer in the humans. The doctors and scientists say definite conclusion can be made after long term studies and people should take precautions to avoid the chance of cancer or tumor using the cell phones. They say there is some evidence that shows that cell phones and its tower emits high radiations and can cause tumors or other health issues in humans. ICMR studies are continued to find out the adverse effects of Radio frequency radiation on humans by using cell phones.

When the unwanted cell growth happens, our body has the capacity to repair the tissues. When our body is exposed highly to the radio frequency this capacity may be lost and there is the chance of tumor and cancer says the medical experts.

Cell Phones and Risk of Cancer

Cell Phones and Risk of Cancer