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Clay Pot Cooking Benefits (Man Paanai Samayal)

Clay Pot Cooking Benefits (Man Paanai Samayal)

Indian traditional way of cooking method is Man Paanai Samayal (Clay pot cooking). Our ancestors used clay pot to store water, cereals, rice and others. When water is stored in this pot we can feel the taste of water increased and nice aroma can be felt in addition to health.

  • When food cooked in the clay pot retains the nutrients as it is cooked slowly and temperature spreads equally throughout the vessels. It is porous and heat will be transformed uniformly.
  • The taste will be better than it is cooked in steel vessels.
  • There is no need to add more oil to the food when cooked.

  • Alkaline nature of clay will interact with acidity in the food, neutralizing the pH balance. It will give relief from gastronomic pains.
  • It will take on some natural sweetness when cooked in a clay pot.
  • Heat will be retained for the long time unlike steel vessels.
  • Healthy tasty cooking and retains freshness of the food.
  • It cooked in metals like aluminium, ceramic and other pans there is lot of chances metals like nickel, chromium dissolves in food and get inside our body. Thus by long time may cause various diseases. Using clay pot we can avoid those risks.
  • It is 100% non toxic, natural and retains nutritional values.

Clay Pot Cooking Benefits (Man Paanai Samayal)

Clay Pot Cooking Benefits (Man Paanai Samayal)

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