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Dengue Death Toll Rises in Delhi

Dengue Death Toll Rises in Delhi

On September 8, a 7 year old boy affected by dengue had died after denied admission in five hospitals. At that night his parents committed suicide. On Sunday, another six year old child Aman faced death due to this vector-borne disease.

Due to dengue fever the death toll raised to 11 in Delhi. More than 1800 cases were reported to be affected by dengue this year. This is more when compared to the cases in the year 2010. In September second week end alone 613 cases were reported.

October will be the peak season of dengue. Now it was started before October, it is feared that the dengue cases will rise in October and worried about the death toll.

Government role in eradicating dengue

Government of Delhi warns the hospital rejecting the dengue cases. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal makes the surprise visit to several hospitals in the state to know the status.

Today, Chief Minister of Delhi says within one or two days a special session of the Legislative Assembly will be made to bring the law against the hospitals refusing to admit or treat the dengue patients.

The government also says public should be aware of dengue fever and its origin. The mosquito breeds in fresh water, people should be careful and avoid any stagnant water around them and keep their area clean.

Dengue fever is reported in other states like Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Gujarat, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra. In Punjab and Haryana 2 cases faced death in each state.

The school children in Delhi are asked to wear full cover dresses in order to avoid mosquito bites and uniform is not mandatory as per the instruction made by the government.

Symptoms of dengue

The symptoms of dengue will be sudden fever, high fever of about 103 degree Fahrenheit, eye pain, headache, abdominal pains, severe joint and muscle pains.

Dengue causing mosquitoes are female and bites only at day time. It Breeds in clean fresh water.

Dengue Death Toll Rises in Delhi

Dengue Death Toll Rises in Delhi