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DNA Testing finds out the possibilities of our future disease

What is DNA

DNA is a Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid is present in our cell nucleus. Our body parts are made up of cells. Each cell has a nucleus and inside the nucleus chromosomes are present. In that Chromosomes DNA is present.

If it organize and works properly there will be no disease. If it is damaged or fails to work it creates the disease at the part where the DNA is damaged.

Food and medicine allergy will affect the DNA. The oxidizing agents, x-rays, ultra-violet rays can damage the DNA. These allergies sources and damaging agents can cause changes in the DNA.

DNA has huge responsibilities and controlling each and every activity in the body. The medicines we take to the diseases and how much we should take will depend upon the properties of our DNA. Every thing will bring the changes in the DNA.

DNA plays the main role in our body development, weight and height. It decides how much of food we should intake and how much we can

It also shows the hereditary issues and we can find the way to solve it.

How to predict the future disease

Today, Using DNA we could predict our future diseases that could attack us. Giving a little amount of saliva is enough for testing the DNA and we can find out the allergies, food and medicine suited for you.

Many countries do not prescribe the medicine without DNA test. In India, this method was introduced in few places.

DNA Testing finds out the possibilities of our future disease

DNA Testing finds out the possibilities of our future disease

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