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Easy way for long life with just easy steps - completed

Easy way for long life with just easy steps - completed

To live long and healthy life we should follow these basic easy steps in our daily activities. Experts say these will keep you energetic and healthier. They say simple changes in your diet, regular exercise and mind relaxation will make you live longer and healthier life.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

Studies say mere eating lot of white rice and high carbohydrate food with little amount of greens or veggies will not make a proper diet. To get necessary nutrient we have to eat more fresh veggies and fruits in our daily diet with little amount of rice. This gives you what your body wants and makes your fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Do simple exercise daily

As per your health and physical trainer advice do the exercise daily. These exercises should not be so stressful, it should relax you and at the same time it should benefit your body. Doing Simple exercise daily will benefits you high. It will keep you fresh all the day and you can able to see the difference.

Do breathing exercise daily

Breathing exercise gives us inevitable source of energy. It cleans our inner parts of our body. The air we take in and out purifies your lungs and blood. The toxic elements present in our blood will be cleaned regular breathing exercise. The lungs activities will be increased and it has the vital role in purifying our blood. The oxygen that we intake is a key element in process of blood purification.

Eat the food when hungry

Avoid taking food or snacks when you are not hungry. The hungry is the symptom shown by your body that needs food. Without getting hunger when we eat makes your stomach and intestine to do more job to digest. It makes your inner body parts to tire and it won’t function properly. Energy from food will not be distributed properly to your body.

Ways of eating your food plays a pivotal role in your health. Chew your food well and swallow it. Eating food along with your saliva will make the digestion easier and nutrient from food will be taken properly by your body. Avoid drinking water 30 minutes before and after eating food. Drinking water in between the meals and immediately after meals makes your digestion hard. Hydrochloric Acid, a key element of digestion in our stomach will be suppressed by drinking water.

Stress Management

Every human has the work pressure and will get stress in their life which is unavoidable. They should know how to manage it. Stress or tension can be easily managed by meditation. Daily meditation makes your mind very active, you can take over the stress or pressure from any side, you can able to take correct and fast decision.

More Stress will make you inactive and it gradually weakens your heart, brain and other parts also. It will spoil your health totally, so managing your stress very important for longer and healthy life.

Easy way for long life with just easy steps

Easy way for long life with just easy steps - completed