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Farmer Achieved in Natural farming

Farmer Achieved in Natural farming

Farmer in Tamilnadu says his aim is to achieve 18 tons of grapes in one harvest within five years that is happening in Gujarat.

We are eating the food, vegetables, fruits for energy, vitamins, minerals etc. Did you ever think whether it is safe for us to eat without any poison in it No, most of us are not thinking about that.

Most of the food which is in market today is full of poison hiding in it. This food that we take daily is a main cause for diabetes, blood pleasure, heart disease and it goes on. We have to be cautious in our food which is the main source of our life.

Most Farming is done based on the modern agricultural practices which uses Urea, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But our traditional method does not follow the method which harms the people. It is always safe to the people and also safer to our soil which increases the yields gradually and vastly too.

Some farmers follow this traditional practices and gets huge benefits. Some were not aware of it. Our Government should encourage the traditional method of farming through out the Nation.

Here we have the farmers who have made achievements in natural farming. Our farmer, Janaki Raman achieved in Grape farming following natural method without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

He belongs to Madurai and he does farming in Sirumalai in Dindugal district. In one harvest he yields 5 tons of Grapes from about 3 acres. He does 3 harvests in one year. He sells at Rs.50 per kg.

He speaks to the media that in chemical farming we can get 7 tons of grapes but can sell only for Rs.20 per kg.  In spite many said there will be heavy insects and worm attack in grape farming so that farmers prefer to chemical farming. But he does not believe in this, he had more confident in our traditional farming, he followed and achieved.

Farmer Achieved in Natural farming

Farmer Achieved in Natural farming

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