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Green Tea that makes us Healthy

Green Tea that makes us Healthy

Best alternative for drinking Tea or Coffee is drinking Green Tea or Mooligai tea.

Tea and Coffee has the caffeine content which is harm to our body. Drinking this by adding milk and sugar is really a dangerous one. We get fat from milk and chemicals from white sugar. More over we get the low quality of tea or coffee where high quality Tea and Coffee is exported and it is costly for a common man.

This Green or Mooligai type of tea is made by the shrubs or herbs found in our native that cures many disease and brings us energy.

Tea is made from the False Daisy which is commonly known in Tamil as Karisalanganni and Musumusukkai is healthy for our hair growth and eyes. It controls blood pressure and tuberculosis. It is used to cure anemia, spleen and liver damage.

Mooringa tea is made from dried mooring leaves and can be added with amla powder. This combination will increase the nutrient value and taste. This will increase our immune power, reduces iron deficiency, purifies blood, etc.

We can easily make the pudhina tea, tulsi tea, lemon tea and varieties of tea and enjoy our tea time.

Remember any tea you are making should be free from white sugar. If you want the sugar taste you can add palm brown sugar that will increase the nutrient.

These types of teas if followed daily will keep you free from diseases and make you brisk.

Green Tea that makes us Healthy

Green Tea that makes us Healthy