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Herbal remedies for dengue fever in Tamilnadu GH

Herbal remedies for dengue fever in Tamilnadu GH

Herbal remedies for dengue fever in Tamilnadu GH

Few years before when Dengue and Chikunguniya were peak in Tamil Nadu, government introduced herbal medicine along with allopathy for treating Dengue and Chikunguniya. The patients with chikunguniya are given Papaya Leaf juice and Neem juice (Nela Vembu and Malai Vembu extract) is given to fever patients affected by dengue until now in the GH.

Addition to these another herbal is added in Tamilnadu GH to prevent dengue. It is nothing but Aadu Thoda (Adhatoda zeylanica is a scientific name) leaf juice combined with palm sugar is given to the patient that fights against the dengue fever. It boosts up the immunity power and cures the fever in short time. It can be given with allopathic medicine.

Papaya leaf juice is said to increase the platelet count while Nela vembu juice increase the immunity power. It has been proven scientifically by the doctors and scientist in India. Doctors said it makes the patients for speedy recovery and get rid of virus.

Aada Thoda leaf properties helps in purification of blood, cures blood disorder, controls fever and its benefits extends in other areas too. All parts of Adhatoda Vasica stem, flower and leaf have the medicinal values. This herbal plant is used traditionally in India and it is treated largely for cold, cough and respiratory problems such as asthma.

It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that cure wounds and injuries. It is also used to treat jaundice, heart-problems, leprosy, sore-throat (improves quality of voice), diarrhea, malaria and many others.

Patients in private hospitals also should be benefited by this natural treatment. The doctors and management of the private hospitals should implement this method like the government hospitals in Tamilnadu.

Herbal remedies for dengue fever in Tamilnadu GH