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Is Tea is really healthy? A Brief Note

Is Tea is really healthy? A Brief Note

The tea which we are drinking today was introduced to us by British East India Company in early 19th centuries. It was first planted in Assam and took a vast development throughout the nation.

Today India places second in the tea production where China takes the first place. However in India there are two types of method followed. One is hand pluck tea , a skilled labor can pluck about 60 to 100 kg of tea leaves other one is machine cut can do 1000 to 2000 kg but with low quality.

This low quality tea is largely packed and sold in India. The common man drinks only the low quality tea. Good quality tea is costly in local market and it is used for exports.

Drinking tea is healthy

It is widely accepted drinking tea is healthier than drinking coffee because it has less caffeine than the coffee. More intake of caffeine leads to anxiety, anemia, heart problems, vomiting, headache, fever and breathing trouble.

Too much of either coffee or tea will affect our health.

The Sources say that the most Tea in our local market is found to have aluminum and more lead, a good quality tea is important.

Also taking tea with milk increases the risk of cholesterol, heart disease etc. So avoid tea with milk.

Taking a green or black tea is good for your health with added palm brown sugar. Avoiding white sugar is better which is produced by using more chemicals.

Apart from green and black tea, in India we have the traditional practice of making tea by the herbs found around us. This makes our health even better than those mentioned above and act as a medicine to cure the disease.

Beware of choosing the tea that makes you healthier.

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Is Tea is really healthy

Is Tea is really healthy? A Brief Note