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Junk Foods in School surroundings and canteens may drop out

Junk foods like noodles, chips, chats and biscuits which are low in nutrients and rich in cholesterol may be dropped out soon in the surroundings of the schools and in school canteens.

Food Safety and Standard Authorities in India (FSSAI) has planned to restrict the food which is high in fat, sugar and health less food in the school premises and near the school. In the 50 meters surroundings of the school and in school campus there should not be any junk foods sale.

Delhi high court on March ordered FSSAI to format the rules and regulations to ban the junk foods in the schools within 3 months. Based on that FSSAI has prepared the regulations norms, according to it school children cannot choose their own food without parental guidance. School management should not run the canteen only for commercial purpose; they should promote the students health eating habit with healthy foods.

This should be regulated in all the schools throughout India. Its main aim is to make the children in schools to consume less junk food which are unhealthy to the growing children. In schools parents control is less on them so they choose the food of their own. Schools should not promote these junk foods and children are not good judges of food choices.

Junk foods and soft drinks are high in cholesterol, carbohydrate, sugar, salt and very low in nutrient content. Excess or regular consumption of these junk foods makes the children obese, sick and lower their immunity system that affects their physical and mental growth vastly.

This move can bring the major positive changes in the eating habits of the school children. Many experts and activists welcomed this move of the food safety authorities.

Junk Foods in School surroundings and canteens may drop out

Junk Foods in School surroundings and canteens may drop out

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