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Kerala government founds toxic vegetables from Tamilnadu

Kerala government founds toxic vegetables from Tamilnadu

Kerala food safety department wrote letter to Tamilnadu Agriculture and food safety department about the pesticides is 4 to 5 times higher than that of the recommended value.

This was found during the Kerala officer collected the vegetables during their visit to Tamilnadu. They said there are more pesticide used by the farmers of Tamilnadu than the permissible unit and using the pesticides which are band in Kerala.

Tamilnadu Food safety department said 'Name of the vegetables and the pesticides used and other particulars are not mentioned by them'. This leads Tamilnadu Agriculture department to collect the samples from 15 districts for testing at Tamilnadu Agricultural department.

Tamilnadu government has order the farmers to keep control of the pesticides use. It ordered the officials for the surprise check to the farm land and ceases the vegetables that have more pesticides and using banned pesticides.

The districts Nagercoil, Madurai, Kodaikanal, Ottanchathiram, Dindigul, Nilgiris and Mettupalayam will have the surprise checking of the officials.

Kerala's evidence

Kerala government has the evidence of using toxic products in the vegetables. The team have gathered the vegetables from Tamilnadu and tells the pesticides used by the farmers are highly toxic and above the limited range.

Government support needed for Tamilnadu Farmers in organic farming

There are farmers in Tamilnadu growing the vegetables and fruits naturally and yields high without using any pesticides, Insecticides and chemical fertilizers. This awareness is not created widely so many farmers tend to use pesticides in large extent without knowing the causes.

This needs a change. Tamilnadu government should strictly prohibit all the pesticides and chemical fertilizer. It should encourage the people to do natural farming and support them to yield more. Government should create awareness among the farmers about the harm caused by using the pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers.

Harm of using pesticides

Using the pesticides not only harms the people in Kerala, it harms the people everywhere. Farmers should be aware of the cause using the pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers.

Many countries have strictly banned the use of dangerous pesticides; still India has the usage of these pesticides.

The following link will shows the list of 67 banned pesticides in some countries and still used in India.


Pesticide causes severe harm to the living beings including humans.

•    It causes many types of cancer in humans.

•    It causes hypo chronic disorder.

•    It damages the skin and eyes irritation, nerve problem, headache etc.

•    It damages the reproductive systems and leads to infertile.

•    It affects the brain and nervous system of the children easily.

•    Leads to miscarriage.

•    Some pesticides in food lead to overweight.

•    It causes environmental pollution and soil infertility.

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Kerala government founds toxic vegetables from Tamilnadu

Kerala government founds toxic vegetables from Tamilnadu