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Native Millet without chemical fertilizers

Native Millet without chemical fertilizers

Which food is the healthiest food Which is low in cholesterol Which imported fruits can we get These questions will often disturb our mothers to give their child most healthy food in the world.

This is so simply, we get everything from the nature in our native land itself. Yes food, fruits and vegetables is given by nature which is suited for the people living there. It will be grown as per the climate and other ecological conditions that suits for us.

Surprisingly in our hot and moderate sub continent many fruits and vegetables is high in vitamins and minerals and many of them is used as the medicines to cure lot of diseases.

For instance in Tamilnadu, where it is quite hot climate, the food our ancestor had was small millet varieties like Kambu, Ragi, Kudirai valli, Varagu, Samai, Thinai which needs less water to grow. For the good growth of these varieties there is no need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides because there will be only much lesser attacks of pest and insect in these varieties.

We forgot about these foods and went to western culture foods like burger and pizza which leads us to struck with many diseases.

Next reason to choose local food is it will be easily digestible which suits for our work and stamina. We know how much should it be cooked and how much it should be taken.

Thirdly, to ripen the fruits and vegetables there is no need for using the chemicals. To get the food from western countries, they will be using some preservatives and coloring agents. These can be avoided when we use our local foods.

Moreover, the local food taste will be better and fresh than the packed items. We get seasonal variety of foods which taste better than the non seasonal one grown in some other places.

When we go there and stay for the jobs and other purpose it is better to take their local varieties which suits to that climate.

Native Millet without chemical fertilizers

Native Millet without chemical fertilizers