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Natural Ways to Make Healthy Drinking Water

Natural Ways to Make Healthy Drinking Water

Natural Ways to Make Healthy Drinking Water

Today, most of us are drinking the RO water which is thought as a clean drinking water. Yes, of course RO water is a pure drinking water, it filters the dangerous elements present in the water and also germs and bacteria present in the water.

It also filters the essential minerals present in the water that is needed for our health. It doesn't know whether it is good or bad one. Steps should be taken to make the water healthy for our long being.

So long ago the water we got from rivers contained all the natural minerals needed for the mankind. But today, the river water is so much polluted that we can't use it directly.

We have to bring the water to boiling point and make to cool and drink it. Do we get required health from boiling the water Bacteria will be destroyed while boiling the water with that our essential nutrient in the water will also be vanished.

Drinking Bore water depends upon the area we live. It may have heavy metals and may be high in salt and other minerals. It may also be contaminated by nearby polluted areas. It should be checked and tested before usage.

What is the alternative

Using Clay Pots

The best alternative solution is to use clay pot for storing the water. Clay pot has several benefits, they cool the water naturally that will be mild for our throat.

They improve our metabolism without any dangerous elements like BPA that are caused by plastic containers. The other one is it maintains the proper PH value by the alkaline nature of clay.

There will be small microscopic holes in the clay pot where the water exist slowly with heat and evaporates and makes the water cooling. They naturally remove the toxic from the water.

Do you know the birds that eat clay to neutralize toxic from their body

The sources say that Parrots and Macaw birds in the Amazon Basin eat clay from river banks to neutralize the toxic. These birds eats the fruits, leaves, seeds of many plants in that areas that certain food may contain toxic substance.

So, clay has more benefits than what we think. Use clay pot to store your water.

Using Copper Container

Copper container has its own benefits. Human body needs copper for the metabolic process. It can be got by storing water in the copper vessels.

It helps in eliminating the bacteria present in water and helps to prevent many water born diseases.

It makes the thyroid glands to function properly which improves our metabolism.

Deficiency of copper in our body causes anemia. Water stored in copper vessels boost the blood level and prevent anemia.

The water stored in the copper vessels has the good amount of antioxidant properties. It also fights against the cancer causing cell and also acts as an anti aging property.

Natural Ways to Make Healthy Drinking Water