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Nutritious Neera From Palm Trees

Nutritious Neera From Palm Trees

Palm Tree which is in dying state in Tamil Nadu has the extensive benefits. Our forefathers used palm trees in several ways. The products from the Palm trees were used in our daily needs. The palm sugar extracted from it is used extensively for sweets. But today the white sugar filled the space. Many reports say the white sugar is the slow poison that people tend to buy this because of its low price.

Neera is a sap extracted from various species of toddy palms which is used to quench thirst. It is called as palm nectar that is sweet and has high nutritional value. When neera is fermented it becomes toddy (palm wine or alcoholic beverage). It is rich in protein, minerals and salts. It has the sugar level which is not harmful. It is considered as the healthy drink and used extensively in Ayurvedha. Palm sugar, Palm candy, jaggery and obtained from Palm tree.

Neera is being sold in Bihar from 1st April 2017 by the Bihar government. In Tamil Nadu Palm trees are in critical state. A report says before independence there are about 50 crore palm trees in the state while now there are only 5 crore trees. At least 2 crore trees among them are in dying stage. During British era, they have applied strict rules to gather neera from palm trees so its demand and growing of palm trees slowed down. They engaged sugarcane cultivation and became popular. Now after Brazil, India is in second position in cultivation of Sugarcane.

Unlike sugarcane, palm trees does not need much water to grow and will become money plant to the farmers. Palm trees give more income to farmers than coconut or sugarcane during summer season.  Farmers in Tamil Nadu demand government to concentrate more on Palm tree development that earns more income that current sugarcane.

Nutritious Neera From Palm Trees

Nutritious Neera From Palm Trees

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