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Outbreak of Anthrax in Vellore kills 37 Sheep

Outbreak of Anthrax in Vellore kills 37 Sheep

In Keelvenkatapuram Village in Vellore, Tamil Nadu 37 sheep died due to Anthrax disease on Friday. Four medical teams were sent by the state government to control and vaccinate the animals in the area. The authorities say the sheep of seven farmers were died due to this deadly disease.

The medical team buried the animal deep into the fit covering it will bleaching powder to prevent the spread. The animals around 8 km radius is checked and being vaccinated by the team. The Anthrax disease was confirmed by the blood test of the affected animals. The animal husbandry at Vellore started vaccinating animals in surrounding areas of the affected Nemili area.

About 2000 animals were vaccinated so far from Friday and the operation continues in that area. The animals develop immunity after 3 days of vaccination.

It had spread vastly in the area and killed 37 sheep. At an investigation it is reported that the skin from the first died sheep was removed by the owners. Removing or cutting the animal which is affected by Anthrax will have quick spread. Anthrax is the deadly spreading disease caused by the rod shaped bacterium Bacillus Anthracis which affects most animals.

The disease may quickly transmit if the skin or animals affected by the disease are cut down. Animals can also spread this to humans by eating raw meat of the infected animals or also by direct contacts. Vaccines are available to control the disease. It was first found by French scientists Louis Pasteurin 1881. Usually the disease attacks the plant eating animals and can humans and other animals can be infected by these animals. A century before hundreds and thousands of animals and people were killed by this infectious disease.

Outbreak of Anthrax in Vellore kills 37 Sheep

Outbreak of Anthrax in Vellore kills 37 Sheep

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