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Over 68 percent of Milk found Adulterated

Over 68 percent of Milk found Adulterated

Milk is the basic drink in India especially to the children in the country. Most of the kids and babies drink milk for hunger and for energy. For past some years experts and doctors recommend not to drink and avoid giving milk to kids. We also come to hear many adulteration works in the milk. Several people know about it. Some people are very cautious and avoid milk but many are used with it. Most of the people believe that milk is a great energy source packed with multi vitamins and minerals.

Current studies reveal the information that over 68 percent of milk in the country does not stand in the standards laid down by the food regulatory act. Most of the milk is filled with very dangerous materials like caustic soda, detergent, while paint, glucose and also refined oil.

It was informed by Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan at Lok Sabha during question session. He also added milk adulteration can be found 40 seconds and can detect the adulterant too. Minister suggested the scanners now available to detect the adulteration in milk. As far as now the milk adulteration is detected by doing some chemical test.

There are several home remedies to pinpoint the milk is adulterated. We can find it by color, odour or even when boiling the milk. If detergent is added after shaking the milk it will lathers up. So by some methods we can able to detect it is pure or adulterated.

Government is working towards for providing good milk to people and to detect the adulteration within few seconds.

It is safe for the people to not drink cow's milk, it is far better to drink goat's milk that have more immune power that too if it available in nearby place or from the trusted people.

Some experts say the milk is not the healthy food for humans. It is meant for the calf that grows rapidly in one year. We the human does not need  milk that creates various problems. Human babies can get immunity and various other vitamins and minerals only from human milk. Instead of cow milk human can found alternatives like nut milk (coconut, badam, peanut and others) that benefits our health.

Over 68 percent of Milk found Adulterated

Over 68 percent of Milk found Adulterated

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