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Pathimugam Herbal Tree Wood Benefits: Drinking Water

Pathimugam Herbal Tree Wood Benefits: Drinking Water

Pathimugam is the popular herbal tree in Kerala where its benefits are used extensively. They use the bark of tree in hot water and get its benefits. Kerala is known for the Ayurvedic herbal medicines and they use this in their daily lives. We can see the Ayurvedic water that is slight pinkish in color in all places including homes and hotels across the state.

They use the bark of the medicinal tree Pathimugam that is also known as East Indian red wood. People usually drink this herbal water and it is one of the main reasons for their healthy living.

The wood of the tree is hard with thorns and white when it is cut out fresh but it becomes red when it is exposed to air. It is added to the boiling water and filtered. This wood purifies the water and it prevents disease that spread through water. This herbal has the several other benefits that can cure disease like kidney disorder, piles, cholesterol, skin diseases, purifying blood, diabetics and even cures certain types of cancer.

The wood is used as the natural colouring agent for commercial purpose in textiles, ink, paints, food and snacks. It has the bright future that can lead to the paper, leather and textile industry as eco-friendly. The demand for this tree may increase when people turn to healthy living without chemicals.

The bark and pod of the tree contains red dye which is used in coloring cakes, liquors and fabrics.

Pathimugan tree needs less amount of water and therefore can be grown in dry land. Though the tree grows in any type of soil it is best grown in the regions where red soil is available in vast. It provides plenty of oxygen for the surroundings and it is best suitable for the people undergoing treatments.

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Pathimugam Herbal Tree Wood Benefits: Drinking Water

Pathimugam Herbal Tree Wood Benefits: Drinking Water

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