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Scientist Found New Antibiotic from Human Nose

Scientist Found New Antibiotic from Human Nose

Antibiotics are antibacterial drug used to prevent bacterial infections. It is used to eradicate some diseases in the 20th century. For decades antibiotics are found from the bacteria live in the soil, now the researcher discovered it from human nose.

The first antibiotic Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. There are over 100 antibiotics found till now. But for past few decades no new drug found. Due to high prescription of the same drugs the bacterium are becoming high resistant to the modern drugs.

The German researchers found antibiotics from good bacteria present in human nostrils. The scientists say they have found new promising drug from nose dwelling bacterium that kills the disease causing antibiotic resistant.

In the lab experiment the newly discovered antibiotics cures skin infections to the larger extent without toxic side effects say the researchers. They have tested this in mouse that cured skin damage and deeper layers of skin affected by infections. This antibiotic reduced the presence of bacterium in the mice skin.

This discovery is promising to cure infections by Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) referred as often harmful bacterium commonly found in nose and in skins. This newly found antibiotic may be helpful in Staph bacterium infections which is called MRSA that had developed resistant over Penicillin related antibiotics. The report says that MRSA caused more than 80000 infections and at least 11000 deaths in 2011.

The researchers tell that they are at beginning stage of study. There need lot more study on this subject. They are looking for the partners from Pharmaceutical industry.  They also added there are more than 1000 microbe species in human body that gives possibility for more antibiotics producing.

All antibiotics should be taken with the doctor's prescription and overdose and regular usage of antibiotics may cause normal to severe side effects say the sources.

Scientist Found New Antibiotic from Human Nose

Scientist Found New Antibiotic from Human Nose

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