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Small Millets Nutrients and How It Helps Us

Small Millets Nutrients and How It Helps Us

Tamilnadu is a birth place for the many minor types of millet which are rich in nutrient content. It needs only little amount of water to grow and needed no chemical fertilizer, pesticides and insecticides for growing.

Unlike rice and wheat, it grows even in dry area and it has high resistance power to grow. It is not attacked easily by the pest or insects and no need to apply harmful pesticides on them.

Millet Name in Tamil – Millet Name in English

  • Kelvaragu - Finger millet
  • Kambu – Pearl millet
  • Tenai – Foxtail millet
  • Kudhiraivali – Barnyard millet
  • Varagu – Kodo millet
  • Samai – Little millet
  • Panivaragu – Proso millet
  • Cholam – Sorghum

Benefits of Millet

Millet is rich in minerals, B vitamins, fiber, anti oxidant properties. It is gluten free product.

Taking millet in our daily diet helps us in preventing diabetes, cardiac attacks and diseases, controls blood pressure, easy to digest, reduces cholesterol, boost our immune system, strengthens the bones, good functioning of nervous system and lot more.

Magnesium, Niacin, B complex vitamins, fiber, phosphorous in the millet helps us in the above illness.


Kelvaragu is one of the popular millet used throughout the world. It is rich in calcium and minerals other than any other millet. It is smooth to the intestine and helps the infant to get good nutrient to grow. It prevents anemia. It acts as good food for diabetic patients.

It can be prepared as a food or dosai mix or any snack item.


Kambu is very popular in Tamilnadu. It cools our body and has more calcium and iron. Proteins are rich and it keeps us energetic for long time.

It can be prepared like rice and make it cool. Pour water in this and keep aside for one night and can be mixed with the butter milk. This drink is very healthy and gives the entire essential nutrient for the day.


Tenai is well known from the ancient days. It is described in the epics and Tamil Sangam poetry. Tenai is one of the main foods taken by the people who lived in forest in our ancient culture. This is food makes us strong and free from cholesterol. It is rich in fiber and boost up our immunity power.

It tastes well when Payasam (sweet drink) is prepared.


It has high calcium, fiber and iron and it is gluten free millet. It is rich in B-complex vitamins. Good for the type II diabetic patients.

Porridge can be prepared which tastes good.


It is said to be one of our ancient food culture. It has 11% protein and fiber content is high. Has minimal iron and calcium. Varagu is place in the kalasam of the temples. There are nine grains are placed in the kalasam including Varagu to increase the power.

Instead of rice it can be used to cook various recipes including briyani, fried rice and used to prepare idly and dosa.


Samai is rich in fiber and hence helps us for easy digestion and suitable for all the age groups. It is also rich in iron and protein.

Samai pongal, samai payasam, samai rice and dosa can be prepared.


Proso millets have high anti oxidant properties and anti aging agents. It is fully gluten free, reduces cholesterol and strengthen our bone. Idly, dosa, ven pongal can be prepared tastily by this millet.


Sourgham is high in iron and dietary fiber. It has vitamins such as Thiamin, Riboflavin, Beta Carotene and Niacin. Minerals like phosphorous and potassium. The dark color cholam has the property to fight against the cancer and has the anti HIV properties. It boosts our immunity power and manages cholesterol.

It has sweet taste, so it can be used in any recipes.

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Small Millet's Nutrients and How It Helps Us

Small Millets Nutrients and How It Helps Us