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Students and Parents exposed to halogen lights at Erwadi

 Students and Parents exposed to halogen lights at Erwadi

Students and Parents exposed to halogen lights at Erwadi

Students and parents got to meet with eye problem on the very next day after a school annual day function that held at Earvadi of Ramnad district on Friday.

Unexpectedly, more than 100 including children and parents got affected with red eyes and eye bee or water oozing because of high power density halogen bulbs that used in the annual day function of S.V. Hindhu Primary School in Erwadi.

Following this, Parents came back with their children today morning and sieged the school's campus. The affected children and parents had been admitted to Aravind Eye Hospital at Tirunelveli for treatment. All the treatments related arrangements were done by the School Management in order to hide the mitigate what happened to the students and their parents.

The doctors of the Aravind Eye Hospital had reported that the gas came out from the high-density halogen bulbs might be the cause of the irritation for their eyes. the doctors also confirmed that students and their parents would get well as soon as possible.

According to some research reports, human eyes wanted to be managed between 1000-1400 lumens (luminous intensity) for proper vision. A halogen bulb is about 20 percent more efficient than an ordinary incandescent bulb of the same voltage, wattage and life expectancy.

Halogen bulbs are boosted up with halogen gas like Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine inside it while normal bulbs don’t have any such gas like the above. It is because of the halogen gas, the bulbs glow brightest. But, it should be ensured that no gas leakage occurs from these bulbs.

Health hazards of halogen gas exposure will be fatal than expected. Often the exposure will cause irritation in the respiratory system. When it concerned with the light it causes severe retinal damage like irritation, redness and sometimes even more fatal like blindness. These type of problems are also caused by the CFL and LED bulbs with extreme brightness is to be noted.

Recently in Chhattisgarh, nearly 80 people were reported to an Ophthalmologist for irritation, redness and pain after they came out from a public meeting where they have used halogen lights.

Police are investigating the case seriously to ensure, no such kind of faults in school events in future.

Students and Parents exposed to halogen lights at Erwadi