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Tamil Nadu Traditional Rice Varieties

Seeraga Samba Rice Cooking Recipe

Seeraga Samba Rice Cooking Recipe

Tamil Nadu Traditional Rice Varieties, Rice is one of the largely consumed foods in South India especially in Tamil Nadu. Our ancestors had grown thousand of varieties which are healthiest for our well being. All these varieties expect few were demolished by the new findings of new technology rice varieties in our state. Number of foreign invaders and green revolutions were also causes to loss our traditional rice varieties. Our practice of accepting everything which makes us ease is also one of the main causes of our traditional varieties disappearance.

Very few types of traditional rice are grown still in our state in some places. The goodness of our traditional variety rice is uncountable. Rice we eat today were polished and whitened by many number of process. The final product we get today has nothing expect carbohydrate which raises our sugar level when consumed larger. It has no health benefits rather it brings us diseases and illness.

We have forgotten all our traditional practices and foods that make us ill and gradual loss of our immunity power. Today we stick over many dangerous diseases that were unheard in our ancestors period. They were healthy enough that they have not seen any like today. We have to think about our future generations. Our kids have no immunity power to face the diseases. At least now we have to introduce them our traditional foods in order bring out healthy generations.

What we have to do, First of all, we should avoid buying polished rice which has no nutritional values. We should take practice of making food in our traditional varieties. They are the treasures of our culture. Each and every variety of rice has its own high nutritional values.

Traditional Rice Varieties in Tamil Nadu
  • Seeraga Samba
  • Mappillai Samba
  • Poongar
  • Karung Kuruvai
  • Kitchadi Samba
  • Sornamasuri
  • Kullakkar (red rice)
  • Kala Namak
  • Thouni
  • Palkudavalai
  • Elupaipu Samba
Some of our farmers are retrieving our lost varieties of rice. Until last year 153 varieties of our lost traditional rice varieties were retrieved by the farmers in Thiruvarur district. Farmer Jayaraman in Thiruvarur district conserve these types of rice which have more nutrition. Find out the traditional varieties in nearby stores and start using them and you will note the difference.

Tamil Nadu Traditional Rice Varieties