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Terrace Gardening in Tamilnadu and Bangalore

Terrace Gardening in Tamilnadu and Bangalore

In the hot and polluted climate of Tamilnadu, Terrace gardening is becoming popular in the urban areas.

Terrace gardening attracts the people of city and metropolitan cities to grow the vegetable and fruits of their own. This is becoming popular because of the in-organic vegetables and fruits in the market. People in the cities are aware about the diseases and toxic chemicals used in growing vegetables and fruits.

So they prefer growing their own vegetables and fruits in their terrace which is much safe and tasty. This gardening makes the people to relax their mind and body.

Terrace gardening also keeps their home cool in the hot climate. Awareness is growing among with the youngsters in large extend.

In Bangalore terrace gardening is becoming popular. The report says there are about 8000 terrace gardens in the city. It will grow rapidly and becomes nearly 15000 terrace gardens in a year.

Bangalore city has the more terrace gardens among the cities in India.

Most of the organization is giving awareness to the people through the media and conducting fairs that provide all the needed things to grow organic terrace garden. Including seeds, pith mixture, organic fertilizers like vermi compost, bio-pesticides and also giving training to the people who are interested.

Young professionals showing their interest in this urban farming and most of them are health conscious.

It should be spread widely throughout the nation by these young people and make their own home free from diseases.

What vegetables and fruits can be grown

Everything including chilly, green veggies, tomato, carrot, beetroot, radish, lady’s finger, brinjal, beans can be easily grown. The climbers such as cucumber, bitter guard, and snake guard can also be grown. The fruit like guava and lemon can be grown.

To grow any vegetables or fruits the mixture and sunlight should be proper. Add nutrient to the soil vermi compost can be added at equal amount to the mixture of soil and coir pith. If using coir pith less amount of water is enough because it holds the moisture for long time.

The first time gardeners should try fast growing plants like tomato, chilly, radish and green veggies that boost your interest and makes you happy.

Terrace Gardening in Tamilnadu and Bangalore

Terrace Gardening in Tamilnadu and Bangalore