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Things To Do After Jallikattu Success

Things To Do After Jallikattu Success

Tamil Nadu government brought emergency law to conduct Jallikattu on Jan 23rd. After one week of strong protest to lift the ban of Supreme Court made on 2014 against bull taming sport. The state government after consulting the Center and the law experts on Monday passed the jallikattu bill unanimously in the assembly. Meantime on the same day, police tried to remove peaceful protesters who are waiting to see bill passed in assembly. It turned in to violence and the videos circulated in social media shows police setting fire to vehicles and greatly involved in violence.

Several protesters were arrested and harmed in the violent action. There are wide based supports for students and youngsters protesting to save the culture and tradition of the state. It is termed as a great historic victory of students.

Animal rights activists today filed plea against the bill passed by the state. They have state Tamil Nadu government is trying to crush the verdict passed by SC on 2014 against jallikattu.

Meantime the people of Tamil Nadu thoughts against the harmful foreign foods are changing to action. Several people avoided coke and pepsi products in the state.

Meanwhile there are lot more things we have to follow to bring back our health living for the present and future generations.

  • We have to eat our native grown foods like rice and other cereals including Ragi, Kambu, Cholam, Varagu, Thinnai and Samai.
  • Avoid soft drinks, pizza, noodles, parota and other maida related things.
  • Eat fruits that are available at local vendors.
  • Use seed oil like groundnut oil, sesame oil, coconut oil instead of refined sunflower, rice bran or other oils
  • Avoid white sugar which is poisonous to our health. Go for palm sugar and jaggery.
  • Add ghee and coconut in our food that has good cholesterol.
  • Avoid packet milks and try to get it from local native breed farmers.
  • Every farmer should stick to the natural farming that was proved success by several farmers across the state. Subash Palakar and Nammalwar has shown the way.

The above things for our health and for our society we have to plant the native trees like palm and other. We have to bring back our disappeared lakes for our water crisis.

Tamil Nadu Traders Association Stops Pepsi and Cola From March 1

Things To Do After Jallikattu Success

Things To Do After Jallikattu Success

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