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Tobacco Industry closed over bigger pictorial warnings

Tobacco Industry closed over bigger pictorial warnings

New bigger pictorial warning on the cigarette packs becomes mandatory from today. Showing protest to this tobacco companies closed production. Government urged of 85 percent of pictorial representation of warning in both sides of the packs even after the parliamentary told to less it as 50 percent.

Parliamentary committee described it as the too harsh for 85 percent pictorial representation. Also tells it may lead to increase the illegal cigarette trading.

Tobacco Institute of India announced about stopping production from today. Leading Tobacco companies like ITC, VST, Golden Tobacco, NTC, Godfrey Philips and others decided to close down their companies.

But various health experts welcomed the move of the government. They tell it is a good move by the government that would minimize the in-take of cigarettes by the people. As per the report, tobacco kills at least 10 lakh people in India per year.

Several people were suffering due to tobacco related disease and losing their loved one to it. On the other hand, Tobacco Institute of India (TII) says it will affect several millions of people who depend on Tobacco includes farmers, workers, traders and others.

Use of Tobacco leads to many diseases that affect liver, heart, lungs and root cause of many types of cancer. It contains nicotine that is very dangerous when consumed regularly. Tobacco is consumed by people as cigarettes, chewing tobacco and snuff. According to World Health Organization Tobacco is the single largest cause of preventable death across the world.

As per the statistical report cigarettes are smoke more than 1 billion people that are about 20% of world population. As per data, Number of smokers per adult per year Greece stands in first position by a person in a year consumes nearly 3000 cigarettes. Next come Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia in 2nd, 3rd and 4th position.

As per India is concerned it stands at 158th position by average a person consuming at least 96 cigarettes in a year. Due to this move of our government may still make our country decrease in Tobacco consumption and way to reduce death toll.

Tobacco Industry closed over bigger pictorial warnings

Tobacco Industry closed over bigger pictorial warnings

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