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Truth about Medicine! Be Aware

Truth about Medicine! Be Aware

Today almost all people are lying on the medicine. Even for the mild headache the people goes for the drugs which will gradually weakens our immune system.

The drug we intake does not cure the pain instead it will make us not to sense that pain. It makes our body parts to insensible one. If we often take the medicine nerves in our body get affected and our immunity power will get down.

Taking pain killers or psychic medicine or medicine for diabetes or blood pressure for years long can create huge issues in our health.

For instance, if we take medicine for cough and cold it will not cure the cold instead it will arrest the cold. For releasing the cold again antibiotic will be given which will directly affect our liver and kidneys.

It is scientifically proved that traditional ways of curing the illness gives the best result. All the modern medicines have the side effects. If someone is taking pills for hypertension for a long time it may lead to the heart problem.

It never finds the solution or cures the disease and it will leads to side effects. For that side effect if we again go to clinic or medical shop they will prescribe another one which is expensive. No one makes you to get rid of medicine. You should be aware of the cause of the pills and get rid of it. Follow the natural alternative method which could make you get rid of disease permanently.

For example, if you want to get rid of hypertension, you have to get control over the blood pressure which is abnormal. Your heart pumps the blood to all the parts of your body. If one part of your body is ill, it needs more energy to that particular part. So your heart needs more pumping to give enough blood to that part. It leads to high blood pressure. Find out the solution for the cause of blood pressure.

If your food is improper or you take more oily food it leads to high BP. You can correct it in the food diet. Your BP automatically reduces.

It you have tension in work or at home, you can do meditations and go for walking to relax yourself or concentrate on something that relaxes you.

Walking, Meditations and Breathing exercise will largely reduce your BP.

Analyze yourself the way which is good for your health and try to get rid of disease completely.

Truth about Medicine! Be Aware

Truth about Medicine! Be Aware