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Virgin Coconut Oil Preparations and Benefits

Virgin Coconut Oil Preparations and Benefits

Virgin Coconut Oil Preparations and Benefits. In Kerala, Coconut oil is used for cooking. In Tamilnadu, Sesame (gingelly) oil or Palm oil or Groundnut oil used for cooking, In Northern states of India Mustard oil or Sunflower oil is mostly used. Which oil is better and healthy Can anyone have the answer

Every oil has its own structure and benefits until it is not refined. If it is refined and cleaned it will lose all its benefits and give us Trans Fat which is the main reason for cholesterol and heart disease.

Moreover the oil got from cold pressed is best than of modern refined oil. The oil which is cold pressed can retains its nutrient content and gives us health diet.

What is Virgin Coconut Oil

Normally coconut oil is extracted from the dried copra where VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) is extracted from young fresh coconut.

These fresh coconuts are grated and made to dry and the oil is extracted by pressing. The other way in extracting VCO is without drying the coconut the milk is extracted first from the fresh coconut and by fermented whole night, then the oil is separated from the milk and by heating to minimum degree the solids are taken down and pure oil is separated.

Generally the Virgin Coconut oil is extracted in the cold pressed method than the fermentation process. Heating the oil makes it lose the vitamins and mineral content in it.

  • It is proved that the VCO is high in their nutrient content than the normal coconut oil made from dried copra.
  • The Astonishing health benefits of VCO. We get these benefits in VCO obtained from cold pressed.
  • It gives us more energy and improves our metabolism.
  • It reduces cardio vascular disease. It contains lower LDL cholesterol and higher in good HDL cholesterol.
  • It is rich in proteins, vitamins and anti oxidants.
  • It taste better and has good fragrance.
  • It is rich in lauric acid which supports immune system and helps in destroying the virus of many diseases including HIV.
  • It is good for the shiny skin and hair growth.
  • It helps in weight loss due to the presence of good fatty acids. Our body converts this fat into energy not as an unwanted  fat.
  • It has a long shelf life of more than 2 years.
  • The research tells that while cooking, it will not be damaged.

Virgin Coconut Oil Preparations and Benefits

Virgin Coconut Oil Preparations and Benefits