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When did we begin losing our Food Culture?

When did we begin losing our Food Culture?

Five decades ago our grand fathers’ father lived healthiest life without any problems. Disease may rarely reach them. Three decades ago, our grand fathers got some health issues.

But today our father and we have many health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, the dangerous one cancer and unknown diseases are easily attacking us. Do you ever thought about it Why this is happening to us

This is all because we have lost our traditional and long followed food habits. This has been slowly lost since 1960’s where we began to follow the western cultures. We had the compulsion to follow their food habits. All the foreign companies dominated our market where we lost our traditional food culture. They made us to buy their products by advertising and they created to think us their product is good, hygiene and healthy. So we began buying their products till date.

We lost not only our food habits; we lost our great agricultural practices, lost our wonderful education systems and more and more.

Immediate steps to be taken to recover our health and our generations

Past is Past, what we have to do now Recovering our society health is a key factor to save our generations.

  • First thing we have to do is to follow our ancestors’ food Small grain millets like Ragi, Kambu, Chollam, Varagu, Thinai, Saamai, Kudirai Vaali, etc. We can make extraordinary, delicious food varieties using this.
  • We have to avoid soft drinks, junk foods like burger, pizza and parota which have more chemicals and fats.
  • We have to avoid buying packet items for our children where they add artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.
  • Buy the non-refined cold pressed oil which does not harm us. In refined oil they are adding chemicals to clean the oils. While refining most of the vitamins and good fats in the oil are lost.
  • Most of the rice varieties are polished and takes away all the nutrient content in the rice. We should avoid buying polished white rice. Instead we can get brown rice, red rice, black rice that are our traditional varieties of rice and has a good nutrient values.
  • When we come to sugar. It contains most dangerous chemicals which is poisoning us slowly. This white refined sugar should be totally avoided.
  • Buy out Palm sugar, jaggery, and palm candy which contains vitamins and iron instead of poisonous sugar.
  • Eat our seasonal fruits and our native vegetables which will develop our immune system and which are free from the chemicals and pesticides.

When did we begin losing our Food Culture

When did we begin losing our Food Culture?