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Healthy Delicious Native Snacks to Kids

Healthy Delicious Native Snacks to Kids

Healthy Delicious Native Snacks to Kids

Snacks are always the most favorite food for children. Even adults can’t avoid eating snacks. Today we prefer to buy branded company snacks that are packed and shopped in bakeries. We are mesmerized with the colorful packs and rich advertisements. We began to fell on their feet without knowing what is inside those products.

Today doctors advice their patients to avoid bakery items including burger, pizza, soft drinks, and packed snacks like kurkurey and lays items. They are advising to take fresh juice without sugar not the packed juice that has high calories with high sugar.

Parents should be more conscious about the food they are giving to their kids. The richest people go organic way of buying food in organic shop whatever the cost may be. Poor may go with what they have on that day. But the middle and lower middle people have the tough time in choosing their food today.

Most of the people are used to buy the food that their parents did, they don’t want to change their habits. They think a lot when they want to buy some good things which cost more than the usual. They are much attracted by the ads and they prefer to buy it. We have lost what our grandparents or grand grandparents did. They were much stronger that what we are. They have lived long life of more than 100. But today we are harder to reach 60 or 70. Diseases reach us at our earlier ages, say for example we get BP or sugar at 30 to 40 years. It is sad to say even kids have high health risk these days. This is all because of our changed food culture.

We have lots of traditional snacks to buy for children like peanut burfi, Banana chips, Ragi Murukku from shops. We can give them kondai kadalai, green peas or green millets for their snacks time.

Things to Avoid

  1. Avoid buying packed items in bakery
  2. Avoid burger, pizza, parota and all maida products
  3. Avoid sugary items. Maximum all bakery products like cake, cup cakes, bun, packed juices, soft drinks have more sugar.
  4. Avoid outside chicken items. Especially colored and boiler chicken.
  5. Avoid chat items.

These 5 things should be avoided compulsory to get away from illness.

To Make Better health

  1. Use Palm sugar in daily drinks or in food instead of white sugar
  2. Use Indu Salt or Himalayan Salt instead of white salt
  3. Use our traditional small millets or millets in our daily food.
  4. Try using raw or half baked green vegetables and fruits as daily routine.
  5. Take Fresh juice without sugar.
  6. Try using sweets with palm sugar or Karuppatti for more ions and vitamins.

Healthy Delicious Native Snacks to Kids

Healthy Delicious Native Snacks to Kids