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14 patients died and 39 dead bodies found near Saidapet

14 patients died and 39 dead bodies found near Saidapet

Almost whole Chennai is submerged in the recent heavy rainfall. The lakes and the reservoirs in and around Chennai overflowed and hit the residential areas. Without proper drainage and outlet, water logged in most of the areas. Lakhs of People were stranded in the flood inside the houses and were suffering without food, water, milk, electricity and phones lines.

In a private hospital 14 patients in Intensive Care Unit were dead due to lack of oxygen supply and electricity on Friday. Bodies were shifted to government hospital in Royapettah from the private hospital.

Air Force and Army men are involved in the rescue operations. They have rescued many people who were stranded by the floods while they were in rounds. Over 600 people including the college students were rescued and taken to the safe place by the rescue team.

They were going rounds in each and every area and they are looking every house inside the areas. At Saidapet and Thenampet areas they have found 39 dead bodies.

As per the report today the water outlet of the lakes Chembarambakkam, Poondi and Puzhal has been lowered. Forecast department predicted low rains or no rains in Chennai for next 24 hours and there may be heavy rainfall in southern coastal areas of Tamilnadu.

Airport officials say flights will be operated once after the water drains and when they get the power supply. Some Trains will be operated by Southern Railways from Chennai to Arakkonam.

Special Trails are conducted from Chennai to other parts of Tamilnadu today.

Chennai to Thirunelveli - 8:15pm

To Karaikal - 11:15pm

To Madurai- 3:45pm

To Trichy - 2:00pm and at night 10:30pm

Tamilnadu government claimed center for Rs. 5000 as the flood relief fund, Prime Minister had allocated Rs. 1000 and ordered to release it immediately.

Though the climate condition today gives way for the relief works, it may take months for Chennai to get back to normal life.

Many celebrities and actors supporting the flood affected people by donating funds, materials and foods. Some celebrities, social organizations, volunteers involved directly into the field works to rescue the people from floods.

14 patients died and 39 dead bodies found near Saidapet

14 patients died and 39 dead bodies found near Saidapet