14 year old dies while taking Selfie at Mumbai

       Published : Nov 04, 2015 16:11 IST    

A 14 year old school boy studying class IX was electrocuted while taking selfie on top of the goods train. He was rushed to nearby Rajawadi hospital where he found death on admission.

Sahil C Eshwarkar climbed up the parked goods train wagon and tried to take selfie. He was 80% burned when he had accident contact with high power 25,000 V overhead wire. This incident happened at Nahur station yard in Mumbai. The police filed it as an accidental death.

The victim boy studying class 9 in St. Francis Xaviers High School, Sahil with his friends tried to take selfie by newly gifted cell phone by his father 2 days back.

The teenagers death by taking selfie happens second time in Mumbai. A 16 year old Ganesh Kumkumwati faced the same situation while taking selfie on top of train at Jogeshwari and touched a 25000 volt high powerful overhead wire.

14 year old dies while taking Selfie at Mumbai

14 year old dies while taking Selfie at Mumbai

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