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15000 MW of Solar Projects in India this year 2015

15000 MW of Solar Projects in India this year 2015

India plans for developing solar energy 1,00,000 MW within the year 2022. To achieve this target India has to spent $200 Billion.

This year the Government plans to supply of 15000 MW by contracts. As per the Solar Energy Corporation in India the developers will be called shortly for bid of buying 2,000 MW.

This project benefits the country which is lying on the other countries for power generation resources. Now total energy needed for India for a year is increasing year by year due to the vast industrial developments.

India has the capacity of more than 2,50,000 MW of renewable energy of which 35,777 MW is in progress.

Solar Power in Tamilnadu

In Tamilnadu, Chief Minister Jayalalitha has signed with Adani Group for the solar project of 648 MW. The state agreed to buy the power at rupees 7.01 per unit which was very high. The same Adani group in Madhya Pradesh did the open bid of 6.04 per unit to produce 300 MW of energy. Madhya Pradesh Government rejected its bid because the other companies doing it lower. The Mauritius company bid is very lower selling power for rupees 5.05 per unit for 25 years.

It is said the price fixed by Tamilnadu state is so high. State government electricity regulatory commission (TNERC) says in Madhya Pradesh they might be given their land and land cost may not be included. This seems to be rubbish because including that cost too may not go as high as 7.01 per unit.

The opposition party is blaming this project as Tamilnadu as the loser to Adani in spite of having much cheaper sources for the power project. Experts too say that Tamilnadu is the loser in the Adani deal.

Even in Gujarat who leads in the solar energy among the states, the tariff is now less than rupees 7 per unit. Adani is about to start its project in Ramanathapuram district.

15000 MW of Solar Projects in India this year 2015

15000 MW of Solar Projects in India this year 2015