+2 Exam Results - Girls Rocking As Usual

       Published : May 12, 2017 11:00 IST    

+2 Exam Results - Girls pass out percent is more than Boys as Usual

Tamil Nadu and Pudhucherry standard 12 exam result was published today. As usual Girls had done very well in exam and pass out percent is more than boys. More than 9 lakh students wrote exams including Tamil Nadu and Pudhucherry.

The students’ passed out percent is 92.1 in the state. It is 0.7 percent more that the last year percent. 94.5 percent girl students and 89.3 percent boys passed in the exam in Tamil Nadu. Throughout the state 1813 schools including 292 government schools had given 100 percent result.

Grade Details

1171 students with greater than 1180 marks get 'A' grade.

12283 students mark between 1151 and 1180 get 'B' grade.

14806 students mark between 1126 and 1150 get 'C' grade.

Virudhunagar district got first place in plus 2 marks. The top 3 districts includes

97.85 pass percent - Virudhunagar district - 1st place

96.77 pass percent - Ramanathapuram district - 2nd place

96.69 pass percent - Erode district - 3rd place

Meantime Vellore district with 84.99 %, Cuddalore with 84.66 % and Krishnagiri with 88.02 % pass percentage stands in last 3 positions.

8,301 students have scored 200/200 in Commerce in the class 12 results.

5,597 students have scored 200/200 in Accountancy

3,656 students for Mathematics

Number of Students with 200/200 in Business Maths, Economics, Computer Science, and Chemistry includes 2,551, 1,717, 1,647 and 1,123 respectively.

Further, History, Biology, Physics, Botany, Zoology got 336, 221, 187, 22, 4 respectively.

No students got full marks in language subjects Tamil and English.

+2 Exam Results - Girls pass out percent is more than Boys as Usual

+2 Exam Results - Girls Rocking As Usual

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