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3500 Ducks Died After Drinking Palar River Water

3500 Ducks Died After Drinking Palar River Water

Palar River is the most eminent water supply for the villages near Ambur at Vellore district. Growing Ducklings is one of their main livelihoods in those areas near the shore of river. Meanwhile yesterday nearly 3500 ducks died after drinking water of the Palar River.

Ducks have been drinking water daily in that river and there is no harm so far. This has been their daily routine works of the man who has control over those ducks. A man name Gopi who belongs to Aithampathi village near Ambur is owner of those ducks. As per his usual routine he took ducks to the river to drink water. But this time he is unlucky that about 3500 ducks died when it drank untreated wastage water from leather industries nearby that mingled with river water.

He met a panic situation of losing all his birds. They buried the carcasses near the Palar River. The people living near charged police and other officials about not taking any action against the discharge of untreated industrial wastage water even after giving several petitions. The officers in district environment and pollution board say they have collected sample water from river. They would come to conclusion only after getting the report they said.

The investigation report from TNPCB and Department of Animal Husbandry is expected to submit to the district administration.

It is said few days before several fishes in the river died and floated in the water due to the discharge of untreated wastage water from the leather industry. Due to this the farming in the area is largely affected and also the people who is drinking the water were also affected says people living there. River had been extremely lost its appearance and originality and now it is like sewage water says people.

3500 Ducks Died After Drinking Palar River Water

3500 Ducks Died After Drinking Palar River Water

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