Again 34 fishermen arrested by Sri Lankan Navy

       Published : Oct 28, 2015 08:14 IST    

Tamilnadu 34 Fishermen was arrested and 7 boats have been apprehended by Sri Lankan Navy on two different incidents happened on 26 and 27th of October 2015.

The 86 fishermen who had been in Sri Lankan custody for past two months were released. Before they reach home again 10 fishermen in 2 boats were arrested by them on 26th Oct while fishing in their traditional Palk Bay. Next day 24 fishermen and 5 boats were arrested and kept in their custody at Talaimannar, Sri Lanka. This was very shocking news to Tamilnadu, this incident often happens and government should warn Sri Lankan government not to arrest fishermen.

Tamilnadu government insists Central to take necessary steps on this and to get a permanent solution on this issue. Members of the Parliament from Tamilnadu had already given CM's letter to the External Affairs Ministry to take steps on this incident.

Chief Minister of Tamilnadu again wrote letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take necessary action and find out the permanent solution on these fishermen issues. The poor fishermen livelihood is being affected every time and there have been heavy loss of their fishing equipment. She says 'this is not only inhuman but also aimed at destroying the livelihood base of the poor marine fishermen in Tamilnadu'.

She also pointed out 46 boats that were in their custody and another 7 boats taken by them now and Chief Minister requested Modi to take immediate action on this regard.

Again 34 fishermen arrested by Sri Lankan Navy

Again 34 fishermen arrested by Sri Lankan Navy

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